andrea hornick


Portraits inspired by the old masters … but with just a touch of animal spirit guides around the edges! LOVE! This is the beautifully bizarre work {oil on linen} of New York / Philadelphia based artist Andrea Hornick. Rich backgrounds, elegant details, lovely ladies and, well, sharks. I love this description of the first piece in this post:

Madame Bonier de la Moson Luxuriates in the Protective Embodiment of Sun Bear; his Hibernation-Harnessed Fortitude Lends Her a Lack of Poise Needed to Play Diana the Huntress.


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  1. Michael Joyal /// 10.19.2016 /// 8:09am

    Dear God that is beautiful work. I love the hint of surrealism to the work. Her animals are masterfully painted!

  2. Fer Scarlato /// 10.24.2016 /// 3:42pm

    Beautiful! I love the expression on the last lady.