“a passion for process”


Sigh. That’s the sound I make every time I look at the work of American artist Kristen Martincic. Refreshing water, lovely pools, paper swimsuits… yeah, paper swimsuits that Kristen sews. SEWS! Sigh. Ok, let’s get on with all of this gorgeousness. You can listen right up there under that deep blue pool, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

These were the first pieces of Kristen’s that I found a few years ago, so naturally we started there:


Gah! “Traditional print media and a hybrid of print, drawing and painting on panel” … don’t you want to jump in there? Me too! Well, safety first… paper flotation devices for everyone:


Yep. Sewn and stuffed paper floaties and life vests. Seriously, just too good. Oh and of course, you’re going to need a swimsuit too. Brace yourself. These are gorgeous:


Japanese paper, with a perfect touch of printed ink, sewn into delicate suits. Ok, I have to do it again… sigh.

Kristen is a new mom so she hasn’t been in the studio much these days. When she can get in there though it looks a bit like this:


If she “can just punch some circles” she considers it a successful day in the studio! Hilarious and so true when there’s a baby hanging out with you.

In the not-so-speedy speed round I had to ask her about diving boards, mainly so I’d have an excuse to show a few more of her pools … complete with diving boards:


Love. And finally, a few shots of Kristen’s gorgeous studio and her sweet baby boy who’s there to help his mama:


He looks like a natural artist to me… either that or a construction worker because he really wants in on that hammer! Thanks so much to Kristen for doing this with me even though she hasn’t slept much in the last 8 months; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this obsession of mine; thanks to audible.com for making my new book into an audio book – it’s officially available now – and thank YOU so much for listening ! There will be more art for your ear next weekend {and it’s going to be an interesting one… recorded at an event in Portland with Lisa Congdon!}

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comments (6)

  1. Ingrid Bowen /// 11.12.2016 /// 1:52am

    Oh. My. Ginormous…SIGH

  2. Julie /// 11.12.2016 /// 5:50am

    LOVED listening today – beautiful work!!! The paper… sigh….

  3. Nikke /// 11.12.2016 /// 9:07am

    wow, no WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this and i’m so grateful that the jealous curator posts so many wonderful artists such as this gorgeous paper swimsuit, floaties, and pool artist! Love, the cool aqua climate colors, clean lines, control. Super neat art studio that Martha Stewart can only dream about! The baby boy is so cute!

  4. Beth McBride /// 11.15.2016 /// 6:30am

    I CANNOT WAIT to listen to this podcast. Kristin’s work is among my favorites of all I have seen you post! I was at the pool yesterday, and all I could think about was her work. All my surroundings there were the exact color scheme of her pieces–soft tans, aquas, blues, and chrome. As I forced myself into my swimsuit and walked around self-consciously, I thought about her paper suits and how they have a beautiful awkwardness too and it helped me be little nicer to myself. : )

  5. Berta /// 01.21.2018 /// 7:51am

    The life vests and floats are stunningly beautiful in their simplicity. Another great interview with a talented artist, thank you.

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