mya kerner


Ahh, quiet blue vistas. This is the elegant work of Seattle based artist Mya Kerner. Not only are these oil paintings poetic, but so are her words about this work:

“When I look out into the landscape, I see scratched lines breaking through the slopes, while flecks of white dapple on eroded surfaces, recalling their winter dress, recalling cooler seasons.” ~ Mya Kerner

Sigh. Now I need mittens and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Happy Monday.

comments (3)

  1. rossana taormina /// 11.14.2016 /// 6:18am

    wonderful! so peaceful and intense …

  2. Katie Jean Gilmour /// 11.14.2016 /// 5:22pm

    Really lovely. Clearly the cold is good for something …mostly just for inspiring these paintings.

  3. M Gloria Hunter /// 11.15.2016 /// 6:41pm

    Love the delicate details combined with the weight of white space. So tranquil and balanced.

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