kazuaki horitomo


Cats with tats… I mean, come on! LOVE! Now, that final image features a phoenix, but seeing how 2017 is the “Year of the Rooster” I’m going to pretend it’s a rooster. Go with it. This is the beautiful, and funny, work of California based tattoo artist Kazuaki Horitomo. I love the cats with their final tats in place, but I have to say those “tattoos-in-progress” make me laugh out loud … alone at my computer. So good.

{via Hint Magazine}

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  1. Sheila /// 01.03.2017 /// 8:12am

    Yes to the tats-in-progress – I would buy those 2 in a minute! The second to the last piece with the ashtray and empty bottles is hilarious and beautiful at the same time.

  2. Michael Joyal /// 01.03.2017 /// 8:41am

    Those are fascinating and hilarious too! I love the ones of the cats tattooing other cats.

  3. Sabine S. from Germany /// 01.04.2017 /// 12:12am

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Best wishes sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  4. joanna /// 01.07.2017 /// 9:27am

    I have two cats, a deep grey and a pure white, I can see the white one doing those tats….I love love love the work!

  5. Kate Bowman /// 01.07.2017 /// 9:39am

    Absolutely amazing!! Love the sense of humor!!

  6. Rosie /// 01.07.2017 /// 10:45am

    Love the sense of humor and of course, because it’s cats!

  7. Nikkie /// 01.07.2017 /// 11:03am

    beautiful art and so funny! meow. i think my cats would be purrrrfect models too!

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