sanda anderlon



Unicorns, shrimp rings, chandeliers!!! What better way to kick off the new year than with the next insane collage in the portfolio of Croatian artist Sanda Anderlon. I’ve written about her jungles, and her other crazy house parties before, but today is all about leaving 2016 behind and looking forward. Oh, 2017 we’re counting on you to turn things around.  Let’s start with Sanda’s “New Year’s Eve – Come As You Are” . Find this crazy piece in her shop… and just so you can see scale, have a look at this:


comments (3)

  1. Frank Lopez-Motnyk /// 01.01.2017 /// 1:07pm

    What a wonderful world of images. Truly a place to inhabit for the future year!!

  2. ST /// 01.03.2017 /// 8:29am

    A visual feast!

  3. Nikkie /// 01.07.2017 /// 11:09am

    happy new years to you and yours! incredible art collage!!!! so fun and truly amazing how all these items are the right perspective and sizes. how long it must take to round up all these images! it feels like a dollhouse. makes me want to create my own 2d dollhouse. thanks again happy new years!

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