“suitcase full of shards”

Imagine if you will, a little girl growing up in a kibbutz in Israel who now travels the world – her suitcase filled with tiny hammers and shards of colorful ceramics. Well, no need to imagine because I’ve got her on the podcast! Yep, today I’m talking to Israeli artist Zemer Peled … from the big island of Hawaii. She’s there working on a commission for a private collector, before she jets off to France for a residency in Limoges. Sigh. Alrighty, you can listen right up there underneath that beautiful spiky thing, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, Zemer in action. Hammers, shards, goggles… because, safety first:

🔨Just another day at the studio 🔨

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Isn’t that video meditative? But sharp! Ok, next… these are Zemer’s flowers that I wrote about a couple of years ago. You’ll notice they start in blue and white, thanks to her interest in Japanese ceramics, and then slowly evolve into some crazy shapes and exotic color combos:

I mean, come on! GORGEOUS! The detail is astounding, and her patience is awe-inspiring. Well we’re not done yet… the evolution continued from there! Her flowers started growing and twisting, and some might even say, they began to dance:

Truly amazing. So. Many. Shards.

Next, her colors! She did start with blue and white as I mentioned above, but much like her colorful personality, Zemer’s work is now filled with a rainbow of beautifully broken bits:

Ahhhh, and yes, those are the flower photos she took while in Hawaii. I see many future pieces & palettes that will be inspired by those beauties! {ps. about half way through the images above you’ll see the floral piece she was working on in Hawaii… partly hidden behind some perfectly coordinated local flora.}

Zemer’s work is beautiful, but let’s not forget THE DANGER. I asked if she ever cuts herself. Her response.. ‘Oh, all the time! :

Bleeding fingers and giant kilns… be safe Zemer, be safe {you have to be healthy when you marry your mystery Canadian!} Thanks so much to Zemer for talking to me instead of going to the beach, and thanks as always to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode. Now, next week is the last week in Art For Your Ear’s Season 1, but I’ve got a fun plan for the summer until September when Season 2 starts. I’ll give you all of the details next week! Thanks for listening, there will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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comments (8)

  1. emily /// 05.06.2017 /// 4:37am

    so cool!


  2. Julie /// 05.06.2017 /// 5:27am

    I loved this one so much. You could say that Zemer and I kind of swapped places… just different times. BEAUTIFUL work and lovely story. x

  3. Hilda /// 05.06.2017 /// 4:30pm

    This was a wonderful episode, and I look forward to learning about the plan for the summer!

  4. Judy Pendleton /// 05.07.2017 /// 7:56am

    Zemer, I’m a mosaic artist and have seen 3-D mosaics before but nothing like your wonderful creations. The time and attention to detail is awesom…thank you so much for sharing your passion.

  5. Stephanie Seaton /// 05.07.2017 /// 9:10am

    What an amazing artist Zemer is – and that was an excellent interview. (Great to find out what really makes other artists tick.)

  6. Ying Xu /// 05.08.2017 /// 6:19am

    Amazing podcast! Amazing character + spirit! I am sure the Jing De zhen 景德镇 Chinese nabtrip will be a totally new experience for her! She will meet also some great international ceramic artists who had been visited there regularly or stayed ever since!;-) thank you for bring this amazing and inspired talk to us !

  7. HLB /// 05.15.2017 /// 6:38am

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you Zemer. Beautiful, moving work so inspiring.

  8. Shandra Smith /// 01.17.2018 /// 6:10pm

    Wow, these are really interesting and unique pieces.. well done!

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