amber cowan

Gasp! Vintage glass made new again by Philadelphia based artist Amber Cowan. I wrote about Amber’s stunning work just over three years ago and I was thrilled to see that her beautiful work has continued. Each of these pieces¬†comes with their own origin story. For example, the blue piece was made “using a barrel of vintage Fenton Art Glass cullet in the color Sky. It features an original swan creamer and sugar set buried deep in a seabed of glass. It also includes Avon bubble bath decanters pouring out a flow of multicolored ocean bubbles.” And the story connected to the white piece above might be my favorite:

“The fable of the lion and the fox is about how the more often you face your fears the sooner you come to live with them in harmony. This piece was made from flame-worked milk glass. The lion and the fox were pressed glass candy dishes from the Westmoreland Glass Company. The Pennsylvania company was founded in 1889 and was in business through the mid 1980’s.”

Face your fears, live with them in harmony. Yes.

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 05.08.2017 /// 3:19pm

    Those are incredible! I can imagine the amount of work to collect that much glass of similar hues. The pink one made me a bit queasy because it resembles flesh, like a David Cronenberg film. The others are so beautiful!

  2. beatriz_souza /// 05.08.2017 /// 8:46pm

    now i’m feeling jealous!…
    wonderful collections, great works, and magic hands – to start with, of course!

  3. leigh hannan /// 05.09.2017 /// 5:24am

    please please get her on the podcast!!!

  4. debbie /// 05.09.2017 /// 7:41pm

    Wow, these are so amazing! So many little incredible bits to discover!

  5. Julie /// 05.10.2017 /// 4:43am

    Really beautiful work!

  6. Nelson Bartley /// 05.10.2017 /// 9:51am

    I have to agree with Michael Joyal on the pink one. Reminds me of uvulas and is just a tiny bit creepy. But overall these are gorgeous and amazing.

  7. Sandy Malamed /// 05.13.2017 /// 5:18am

    Whoa! Viewing these amazing works unleashed a firestorm of emotions. Awe being the first, humility in my own work as a second, and lust to own even a small trinket from the hands of this truly marvelous maestra!

  8. Nikkie /// 05.13.2017 /// 9:11am

    so intricate. renewable materials made glorious! the lion and the fox is an inspiring theme and amazing as all the pieces are to look at! gorgeous!

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