david samuel stern

Woven portraits fresh off the cutting table! This is some recent work by Brooklyn based artist David Samuel Stern. I’ve written about him two other times... let’s just say it’s really hard not to share what he’s been up to. How does he do it? Well, this time I’ve got a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos, from start to finish, to share with you:

Sigh. Gorgeous… and I cannot even imagine having patience like David. Mind boggling.

*Process photos by David Gonsier

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  1. Juanita /// 05.09.2017 /// 6:41am

    Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes! I am really taken by how these “slices” of life reflect how we pass through time. He’s slowing down the process so we see what we look like when we move. My brain likes looking at these.

  2. Karla /// 05.10.2017 /// 7:49am

    I sorta want to borrow this idea for some of my kids photos I love; the ones that are taken moments apart yet both are great.

  3. Nikkie /// 05.13.2017 /// 9:05am

    unbelievable technique and beauty! WOW!

  4. Sonia /// 05.16.2017 /// 12:17am

    It looks like for this idea he could have used any object as the subject doesn’t look like the central idea of he’s work. Why then choosing naked women instead of, say a kettle, or a pile of books, or some Flowers? Right because naked women are just objects to cut into pieces. Business as usual.

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.16.2017 /// 9:21am

    he actually photographs/slices lots of men as well, it just so happens that the images of the women are my favorites. i don’t want to speak for him but i’m guessing he’s interested in portraiture and the figure which is why he doesn’t do flowers or tea kettles. and, i’m quite sure “business as usual” isn’t david’s MO. visit his site to see more of his work before jumping to any conclusions : )

  6. gembel berdasi /// 05.19.2017 /// 8:16pm

    Wooww ,, it’s so amazing .. Very good technique.

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