summer camp 2 : the first mark

Hey there, Campers! Welcome to week 2 of 15 at AFYE Summer Camp… but before we dive in, I want to show you just a handful of images created by some of you for last week’s art project (hashtagged #AFYEcamp). They were all so good! This was an Instagram-a-Day project, with an assigned prompt for each day. There were HUNDREDS of images taken because, well, you guys are amazing. Here are just a few from each prompt (photo credits at the bottom of this post) :

Day One : Vintage

Day Two : Wood

Day Three : Make

Day Four : Blue

Day Five : Boat

Day Six : Nature

Day Seven : Snacks


Love, love, love (and even a little nod to Twin Peaks). If you wanna see what everybody’s doing, or contribute your own work, just use the hashtag #AFYEcamp. Alright, time for today’s episode:

Art Project No.2 

Collaboration-Nation : “Ruining” perfect white paper can be terrifying… so let someone else do it! Ask a friend or family member to make the first mark (their color and medium of choice) on a white page or on that perfect canvas you’ve been avoiding, and then you take it from there! Work around their mark, over it, whatever. ps. I also suggested having more than one piece (and maybe more than one friend making marks) on the go. This idea is thanks to the wonderful advice from this week’s featured artist…

Artist Example: 

Ah yes, Lola Donoghue. She loves working on BWCs (Big White Canvases) which, quite frankly, seems like a nightmare to me. Here is some of Lola’s work, along with a few studio shots so you can see how many big canvases she manages to fit into her lovely studio in the Irish countryside:

Look at all of those glorious happy accidents and creative potholes!

And finally, I promised these images too. Marcel Duchamp as his alter-ego, ‘Rrose’, photographed by Man Ray:

You’re welcome.

Another week of camp done, another s’moreo eaten! Thank you to Saatchi Art for supporting summer camp, and thanks so much to you for listening! AFYE camp continues next weekend… but until then, be sure to hashtag your ‘first mark made by another’ on Instagram with #AFYEcamp. Have fun, and embrace those happy accidents!

Other links:

  1. Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk, by me
  2. Secret Lives of Great Artists, by Elizabeth Lunday
  3. Lola Donoghue on AFYE : Episode 50

*Photo credits from Project No.1, in the order they appear above:

Vintage: 1. @septemberwren  2. @caballo_rosa  3. @vanittasr  //  Wood: 1. @catseatdogsmakes  2. @alabamathirteen  3. @cindymcd  //  Make: 1. @celkovich  2. @thejealouscurator  3. @flyonthewall602  //  Blue: 1. @juliehamiltoncreative  2. @mariko_koda  3. @stephillo  //  Boat: 1. @bababeloco  2. @taytayshenaynay  3. @meganwoodardjohnsonart  //  Nature: 1. @neotimes  2. @emilyezarse  3. @tara.axford  //  Snacks: 1. @vanittasr  2. @modernfibre  3. @heathersundquist


comments (9)

  1. Heather Sundquist /// 05.27.2017 /// 6:24am

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting my little snacks! I am so grateful. You are the best. Can’t wait to get started on this weeks challenge.

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.27.2017 /// 7:05am

    of course! lovely pieces last week… can’t wait to see what you do this week!

  3. Tara axford /// 05.27.2017 /// 3:58pm

    Even though it’s neither Summer, or holidays here in Sydney,
    I enjoyed week 1 of camp! Thank you so much for hosting it,
    And including my nature pic in the round up X

  4. Cath /// 05.28.2017 /// 4:51am

    Oh these are just brilliant. My heart is warmed. I love what you are doing Danielle!

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2017 /// 5:52am

    thanks cath!

  6. yanto /// 05.29.2017 /// 6:20am

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Michael Joyal /// 05.30.2017 /// 2:02pm

    Decided to push out of the comfort zone and asked to make the first mark.. and he said yes!

    EEP! Visiting his studio on Thursday so he can make the mark. Then I make busy like a beaver to finish and post on Friday!

  8. the jealous curator /// 05.30.2017 /// 4:48pm

    WOW. now THAT is a bold move… I LOVE IT!

  9. Meaan Alwood Karcic /// 06.06.2017 /// 5:56pm

    Just lovely! The circular blue piece with dots and vintage photo remind me of the work of Mary Ann Crago. Please enjoy!

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