clare celeste börsch

I mean, WHAT!? A cut paper collage that has taken over a beautiful old space… love, gasp, whoa, sigh … all the stuff I say when I’m madly in love with a project. This is the work of Berlin based artist Clare Celeste Börsch. I’ve written about her collages before, and even have one hanging in my house, but this…. THIS? It is an installation titled, Intimate Immensity  … Love, gasp, whoa, sigh. And oh yes, I’m trying to get her on the podcast as we speak!

ps. some of Clare’s prints are for sale in her shop.

comments (5)

  1. Holly Cromer /// 04.27.2018 /// 8:31am

    I love the part with the snakes and the part with the purple flowers and the nude buns so much!

  2. Jane Hinchliffe /// 04.27.2018 /// 1:42pm

    What an amazing installation. I love the colour combinations and the intricacy. Wow!

  3. sue mcarthur /// 04.28.2018 /// 11:58pm

    beyond beautiful

  4. Sabine S. from Germany /// 04.30.2018 /// 4:38am

    overwhelming me!
    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  5. “dreaming of tigers” - Alphi Creative /// 05.11.2018 /// 7:52pm

    […] here’s the installation Clare created {and that I wrote about just a few weeks […]

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