francesca cramer

Seriously, that horse is the best… I feel happier just looking at her. This is the work of UK based {I think?} artist Francesca Cramer. Yes, we’ve seen embroidery on vintage postcards before, but there’s something so lovely about Francesca’s whimsical work. The ivy, the mossy cottage roof … and I mentioned how much I love that little horse, right? Happy Friday.

ps. I’m in San Francisco for my book tour right now, and I’ll be talking, Q&A’ing and signing books at Hashimoto Contemporary tomorrow afternoon from 2-4pm. AND, Seonna Hong will be there with me! She has a solo show at Hashimoto right now and she also happens to be one of the artists in the book… win win!

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  1. francesca cramer – Broadcast /// 10.19.2018 /// 1:58am

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  2. Sabine aus WO(rms) /// 10.20.2018 /// 1:46am

    ohh, how beautiful!
    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  3. Jennifer David /// 11.06.2018 /// 10:55pm

    That vintage embroidery is so cute!

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