“warhol ephemera”

Third time lucky! Yep, this is the third time I’ve had New York based artist Trey Speegle on the podcast. We’ve covered his childhood, 80’s in New York and everything in between… but today we’re talking about Andy Warhol! Trey’s new studio/gallery, Gallery 52, has a show up right now, for one more week, filled with all things Warhol… and so is this episode! Also, I could listen to Trey’s story alllll day long… wind him up and let him go! You can listen right up there under Andy’s purple cow, or subscribe on iTunes.

So, let’s not waste any time … here’s just some of the bits ‘n pieces of ‘Warhol Ephemera’ that are part of this wonderful time capsule / show:

Isn’t that crazy? And that’s just the tip of the Warhol iceberg. Thank goodness Trey is a collector, stashing away hundreds of paint-by-number kits for his own work, and also saving all of these amazing pieces of art history.

Speaking of which, here are a few of the photographs he mentioned. After we talked, Trey went through them a little more carefully and look what he found:

Himself! Well, those top two strips are photos of Trey taken by Andy at a party, and the contact sheet below features the shirt Trey designed, being worn by John Sex.

Next, his beautiful new space in upstate New York. Introducing Gallery 52

How fantastic is THAT? If you find yourself in Jeffersonville NY, stop in and say hello… and then buy some stuff!

Oooh, and I have to show you these… Trey’s flowers, on repeat:

LOVE! Not only do I love that he has used this image over and over in different ways {very Warholian}, I also love how generous Trey is about creativity. He has so many great ideas around getting unstuck and just playing. He even offers his images for people to play with {the folder above for example}.

And finally, I know you want to see this guy:

Ha! Terrifyingly awesome… the clown cookie jar! Thanks so much to Trey for telling me all of his stories, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode {and I’ll see you next week at The Other Art Fair in LA!}; and as always, thank YOU for listening. There won’t be an episode next weekend, but I’ll be back the week after that. See you then.

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  1. “warhol ephemera” – Broadcast /// 10.19.2018 /// 9:58pm

    […] Original source: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2018/10/19/warhol-ephemera/ […]

  2. Barbara Johansen Newman /// 10.23.2018 /// 2:17pm

    Trey is my favorite interviewee out of all of them! Such fun to listen to him. I think I could have listened for 2 hours, let alone 90 minutes. BTW, I have a few of that same cookie jar (also about 150 others from the late 40s-50s). His name was “Oscar.”

  3. Ann /// 10.30.2018 /// 9:55am

    I loved hearing the words “chromalin” and “mechanical”! Trey is so fun. I love all his stories.

  4. marc cardwell /// 11.02.2018 /// 10:31am

    this is an interesting warhol tidbit: https://twitter.com/austinkleon/status/1058409756199538690

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