elyse dodge & david pirrie

Take a loooong deeeeep breath, because there’s nothin’ like a little fresh mountain air! These paintings are the work of Canadian artists David Pirrie {the dots & floating peaks}, and Elyse Dodge {the triangles}. I have loved both of them for ages, and thankfully Ian Tan – of Ian Tan Gallery – has brilliantly paired them up for this two-person show.“This Mountain Home” opens TOMORROW afternoon from 2-4pm. Grab yourself a coffee, stroll down South Granville, and pop in to see the show {ps.Elyse and David will both be there}. Happy Friday.

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  1. elyse dodge & david pirrie – Broadcast /// 11.02.2018 /// 5:57am

    […] Original source: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2018/11/02/elyse-dodge-david-pirrie/ […]

  2. Anne /// 11.03.2018 /// 5:47am

    Stunning. Congratulations to both artists. I love the contemporary interpretatin of nature on this grand scale.

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