“white noise”

An audio podcast with a Deaf artist? Yep. Sound waves, gestural strokes and the story of an artist who lost and then found her hearing. Canadian Kelsie Grazier is my guest, and ps. we’re working on getting a transcript created so that other Deaf, and hard of hearing, people can read our conversation. Kelsie’s work is beautiful, quiet, and filled with movement & elegant lines. Her story is as beautiful as her work, and I’m so proud to know her a little bit better after today. You can listen right under Kelsie’s signing hands {part of a new series she’s just started}, or subscribe on iTunes.

First up, let’s set the mood with one of the recent pieces in Kelsie’s “White Noise” series, titled “Trim Your Moustache”:

Ha! Beautiful and pretty funny… lips can’t be read if they’re covered up by a moustache, dude!

Next, three more in this series, along with close-ups of Kelsie’s lovely white lines:

Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t even imagine those lines being black. Thank goodness for all of that tossing and turning that helped Kelsie land on this dreamy a-ha moment.

Next, her “breakthrough” painting that she mentioned, along with the experimental light-box from her Emily Carr days:

Ok, yes… more light-boxes please! She’s onto something there.

Speaking of new experiences, here is a peek at Kelsie’s very first mural in the entrance of The Profile, a co-working space in Vancouver. She took her gestural work and wavy white lines, well, really BIG:

Surrounded by sound waves. Chills.

Ok, now if you’re wondering where Kelsie’s visual inspiration comes from – color palette, strokes, gauziness, etc – look no further than her lovely float-home just outside of Vancouver. Brace yourself, it’s dreamy-overload:

Sigh. So, so gorgeous… and look at those super cute newlyweds! Awwww   {photo by Christine Pienaar} Thank you so much to Kelsie for sharing her story and doing so much not only for the art world, but for the Deaf community; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and thank YOU for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend:

Other links:

  1. TEDTalk by Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim
  2. Ava : an app that will transcribe audio {transcript of this episode coming soon!}
  3. Langara College 
  4. Emily Carr University of Art & Design
  5. Kelsie on Instagram
  6. Poutine recipe… you’re welcome.


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  1. “white noise” – Broadcast /// 11.03.2018 /// 5:55pm

    […] Original source: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2018/11/02/white-noise/ […]

  2. annton /// 11.23.2018 /// 2:02pm

    I am taken by Kelsie’s art. And this episode.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.23.2018 /// 5:17pm

    me too

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