sue dewulf

So weird, so fantastic! This are the surreal, stacked ceramics of California based artist Sue DeWulf. This was the email she sent me and I thought it was a perfect description of the what and why behind her work:

“My ceramics involve casting toys from childhood, searching for vintage molds and hours of assemblage great them together. People ask me what I am thinking of them when I create the bottles, jars or sculptures. Often my creations come from my childhood memories. I would spent hours stacking and parading my toys and animals. I love to juxtapose and balance all the different shapes. (One of my favorite memories is the back page of the Highlights magazine!)”

Hours of stacking toys … sounds like a perfect day to me! Happy Monday.

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  1. Debra /// 11.11.2019 /// 12:39pm

    So weird and wonderful, cant look away!

  2. sue dewulf | Best ArtWork /// 11.11.2019 /// 4:38pm

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  3. Haynes /// 09.16.2020 /// 11:13am

    Why do they have a dirty look to them? Is it like when you visit your grandmothers house and look at the glass pieces on the shelf and notice they haven’t been dusted or cleaned in forever. Invoking childhood memories in a way?