“creative myth busters”

Yes, yes, YES. There are so many creative myths that need busting, and I know just the man for the job! Andy Miller, aka Andy J. Pizza is my joy-filled creative expert for this 157th episode. And, spoiler alert, we’ve put together a brand new segment called: Creative Myth Busters with Danielle Krysa and Andy J. Pizza. We kicked off this first busting session with two big myths, but before we did that, I had a little catching up to do with this creative dynamo! You can listen right up there, or subscribe on iTunes.

First, I present to you the definition of JOY in photographic form:


Hahahahaha! Ahhhh, Andy hanging out on Sesame Street. Seriously, I would’ve cried if I was sitting that close to Big Bird’s nest. Look how happy Andy is… yep, this fills me with joy for sure!

Okay, more joy. Andy and Joseph Gordon Levitt {aka Joe. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call him too once we become super good friends … any day now}:

I love that Joe did this, and that Andy had the cojones to to reach out to him. Listen to the episode right here, and if you don’t know about JGL’s project, HITRECORD, check it out here! Oooh, and while I’m fan-girling, Joe also did a great TED Talk, titled “How craving attention makes you less creative”.

Next up, joy in the form of five foot markers and a mural for YOU to color in:

So frickin’ fun! The top most image is from the current mural at Color Factory, Houston – an ongoing collaboration between Andy and artist/designer Andrew Neyer {ps. I think the green one might be from a past “Color Me” mural they did.}

And finally, Andy’s brilliant, fun and always inspiring podcast, CREATIVE PEP TALK, just turned FIVE!

Wooohooooooo! High five on five years, Andy! [insert sound fx here] And with that, I will say thank you so much to Andy for taking time to bust some myths with me; thanks to Thrive {sign up for their Mastermind group!} for supporting yet another episode; and as always, thanks to you for listening. I’ll be back again next weekend with a new episode. ~ Danielle

More Links:

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  2. Andy’s Skillshare class : Make Creativity Your Career: Six Exercises to Create a Successful Side Project
  3. Brené Brown, Researcher / Author
  4. From Good to Great by Jim Collins
  5. Jim Henson: The Biography
  6. Seth Godin
  7. Samantha Fields on AFYE
  8. Terrence Payne on AFYE
  9. Debbie Millman : on Creative Pep Talk
  10. TED Talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee : “Where Joy Lives and How to Find It”


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  1. "creative myth busters" | Best ArtWork /// 11.09.2019 /// 4:38pm

    […] Original source: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2019/11/08/creative-myth-busters/ […]

  2. Angela /// 11.11.2019 /// 4:29pm

    This guy is always so incredibly inspiring! Thank you for featuring him.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.11.2019 /// 8:46pm

    thanks for listening!

  4. Vivien Fleisher /// 11.19.2019 /// 6:03am

    That was sooooooo great!!! The endorphins kick in the minute i put your podcast on in the car!!! Your new format is great–also, I was kind of blown away that even though it felt like a long time, you were back in the saddle in less than a year. Thank you so much.

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.19.2019 /// 7:14am

    thank YOU, vivien … it’s a bit weird to be back, but i know my dad wouldn’t want me sitting on the couch 😉

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