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In July 2019, I was in Italy for the Venice Biennale. One of my favorite shows happening in the city was “Dysfunctional” at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro. When I walked into this room {last three images above & the video}, I have to admit, the guy moving around inside the clock freaked me out. But then I sat down. I watched this “clock” for a very long time. How could I not? Minute by minute the hands changed, just in the nick of time, thanks to this man inside the clock. Right? Or was it a film? Probably. But wait, there was even a tiny door on the back… I knocked, but nobody answered. Hm. The video above is just one of a series of mesmerizing “Real Time” films by Dutch designer and artist Maarten Baas. Imagine if this is how we counted down to the new year… dreamy. See you in 2020.

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  1. maarten baas | Best ArtWork /// 12.31.2019 /// 4:38pm

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  2. Amy Tingle /// 01.04.2020 /// 6:07am

    Whoa! What??? The?? HELL??? This is crazy cool and odd and TOTALLY MESMERIZING. I need to know if he’s really in there. I mean it looks like he is. 😉 Damn.

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