elisa valenti

Ah, gorgeous! These are the beautiful and empowering paintings of New York based artist Elisa Valenti, and as far as I’m concerned, the perfect way to kick off 2020. I love her work, and I super duper love the reason behind it:

“I grew up in a time when eating in public was shameful, stomach rolls made you unworthy, and shopping for clothes was traumatic. I grew up before being plus size was normal. My work reflects the images I wish I had seen—beautiful, luscious women doing ordinary things, just like everybody else. They are a reflection of my own battle with body image and my journey to mental health. If you’ve ever been made to feel insignificant, I hope they inspire you to own your image of yourself and never give that power to someone else.” 

Hell, YES! Now that is how you start a new decade. Thank you, Elisa.

{Found via Create Magazine}

comments (4)

  1. Carol Wisker /// 01.01.2020 /// 2:45pm

    Love your site!

  2. elisa valenti | Best ArtWork /// 01.01.2020 /// 4:37pm

    […] Original source: https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2020/01/01/elisa-valenti/ […]

  3. Katja /// 01.03.2020 /// 6:26pm

    …these paintings show so much fun and love and confidence with so much naturalness.
    I look at them and immediately I am in a good mood. These women naturally enjoy themselves and that makes them nothing but beautiful.

    Happy new year!

  4. Amy Tingle /// 01.04.2020 /// 6:11am

    Gorgeous! And SO totally empowering.

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