lysa flower

So, how should we kick off this week? How ’bout with a truckload of  “retro vibes & high fives” as Canadian artist Lysa Flower would say. A ghetto-blaster bag, a cassette tape quilt, and rainbows too! {Have I mentioned that my friends and I had a club called ‘The Rainbow Girls’ when I was 11? Yes, we got together to discuss all things rainbows while eating blue whale candies and listening to Madonna on Michelle Nielsen’s ghetto-blaster. It was the best.} Also the best… the mural Lysa’s standing in front of is the work of another Canadian artist. Me! That’s some crazy ‘worlds colliding’ stuff happening first thing on a Monday morning.

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  1. Bradford /// 02.24.2020 /// 8:34am

    OMG! LOVING all of this! ‘The Rainbow Girls’ club? I mean, amazing. But what’s a cassette? Guess I’m too young to know? [wink, wink… lol]

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.24.2020 /// 8:58am

    ha! i don’t know… i had to google it… apparently old people used to listen to music that way? i dunno, i am also very very very young like you.

  3. lysa flower | Best ArtWork /// 02.24.2020 /// 4:40pm

    […] Original source: […]

  4. Nancy Sapp /// 02.25.2020 /// 9:02am

    OMGosh, I HAD to chuckle about you “YoungUns” not knowing what a cassette is!! THAT makes me a dinosaur, I guess!! Look up “reel-to-reel” !!! That’ll blow your minds!!

  5. Ann /// 02.25.2020 /// 2:48pm

    I really need that boom box tote in my life.

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2020 /// 9:28pm


  7. Jana Rayne MacDonald /// 02.29.2020 /// 7:52am

    Love the humour in all of Lysa’s work.

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