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Today is a two for one episode … sort of. New York based artist Petah Coyne popped in for the first fifteen minutes to so we could tell you about IN TANDEM (yay!), and then I did a full interview with Philadelphia based artist Sarah Detweiler aka @sd_artifacts. Note: Sarah and I discovered that we are both OVER-SHARERS, so brace yourself. We covered everything from 9/11 and miscarriages, to mothers draped in tablecloths,  and whether or not we’ve skinny-dipped. Spoiler alert: we both have. You can listen right up there under “Hidden (Earth) Mother”, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and or Spotify.

First up, here are the images from my 2017 post about Sarah:

See? Already so dreamy and really starting to come together… and then, the HIDDEN MOTHER series! ps. the first painting/embroidery piece below is the first one Sarah ever did. It is titled, “Hidden (Grieving) Mother”:


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Ooooh, that glowing embroidered rainbow! Speaking of rainbows… how on earth did we not speak of rainbows!? Luckily I was able to do a little post-podcast research. This is the book, “The Rainbow Way”, that Sarah found when she threw herself down the “rainbow as archetype” rabbit hole, and the passages that brought everything together for her:

Creative Rainbow Mother. Seriously, how perfect is that?!

Next up, the fabulous piece that Sarah collaborated on with Kelly Kozma as part of their group show {that also included Han Cao aka @hanwriting} last July at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia. Here is Sarah’s painting, and the tapestry by Kelly that inspired it:

Ah, I love it! Amazing female artists working together to create even more amazing things!

Okay, there’s no way I could NOT include these super weird photographs in this post. Here are a few original, very Victorian, and totally bizarre ‘hidden mother’ portraits:

I mean, WHAT? Hilarious and creepy, and totally inspiring … in a super weird way.

And finally, here’s what I was looking at while we recorded:

Ah, so cute… and then she started doing the ‘pee pee dance’ in her chair {don’t worry, she made it in time!}. Thank you so much to Sarah for over-sharing with me, thanks to Petah for popping in at the beginning to share our ideas, and thanks to you for listening! ps. If you want to know more about “IN TANDEM” check out THIS POST on my site. There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

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comments (4)

  1. Annelies van Dommelen /// 01.10.2021 /// 8:25am

    I’m thinking about the in tandem idea with my art buddy

  2. Angela /// 01.12.2021 /// 10:39am

    Well, I am all caught up. I have listened to every episode now. You are a great company in the studio! I had comments and questions on just about every episode but didn’t want to be a creepy stalker! I would love to do the In Tandem idea but have no idea who to ask. You are amazing and I totally appreciate all that you do for artists!

  3. Andrea Stajan-Ferkul /// 01.28.2021 /// 2:26pm

    All your episodes keep me company while I work but I was especially drawn into this one as you shared your mom stories. I actually reacted at the pregnancy announcement, as though it were someone I knew. Such great news! Having raised four children, I struggled with reinventing myself, having lost my skill when everything turned digital. Transitioning from commercial to fine art has been, and still is, quite a journey. Thanks for making it a little

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.29.2021 /// 7:07am

    oh thank YOU andrea… so glad the episode struck a chord with you. that’s my favorite part of having a podcast! xo

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