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saatchi art … two for you, two for me!

GIVEAWAY WINNER: Congratulations to Melanie Boucher! You are the winner of both of these prints (I’ll be in touch to get your address). Thanks to everyone that entered, and don’t worry… there are A LOT more giveaways coming up in the next few weeks!


Confession: When it’s 1am and I don’t have a post for the next day, Saatchi Art is where I go every single time {I have a major weakness for their “portraits” section}. Anywho, I’ve written about a lot of their artists over the past few years and so last week they very sweetly, and totally unnecessarily, gave me a gift card to buy whatever I wanted from their gorgeous site. Um, okay! But wait, I wanted to make sure I shared the love, so here’s what I decided to do… instead of buying one original, I chose two beautiful prints… a set of two, in fact. Do you see where this is going? Yep, I’m going to hang these beauties on my living room wall, and I’m going to give the matching set to one of you! YAY! After hours of deliberation {literally}, this is what I chose:

Sigh. Gorgeous. Two prints by American painter Erin Fitzpatrick. I wrote about her last April and so many of you went crazy for this fabulous portrait, titled “Lane”, so I bought it… twice! It’s 18″x24″, but there was still money left and I felt like this fabulous lady needed a 14″x14″ companion, so I added this leaf study, also from Erin’s portfolio {handy tool on Saatchi to give a sense of scale, while showing us exactly how they’ll look in our perfect/clean living rooms!}. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this little duo… I love them so, so much! If you love them too, and want a chance to win these two prints {valued at over $200}, leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Friday November 21st at noon PST. Good luck! {and thank you so much, Saatchi – that was realllllly fun!}


Ok, this was hard. I love absolutely everything that I’ve got stocked in my online gallery, but I can’t put everything in the gift guide… it might break the internet! There are no warm woolen mittens or whiskers on kittens, but these are a few of my favorite things {cue Julie Andrews}. Huge abstract prints, delicate watercolors, and vintage cars for your walls… books, planters, and trays for your studio! Happy holiday shopping – I hope you find something you love:

{Walls: 1. Lola Donoghue, 30″x40″, $200 // 2. Lisa Golightly, both 11″x11″, $35 // 3. Nathalie Cusson, 22″x18″, $105  // 4. Kelly Ventura, both 11″x14″, $42  // 5. Kiana Mosley, 11″x14″, $65  or  18″x24″, $125}

{Studio: 1. Traci Yau, 2″ concrete diamonds, $9 // 2. Alicia Zwicewicz, cat planter, $50  // 3. Sea & Asters, 2.5″ wood planter, $25 // 4. Stacy Altiery, 6″x6″ gold foil tray, $40  // 5. Creative Block, $25 & Collage, $25 }

pawel przewlocki

Um. These are paintings. Really, really perfect PAINTINGS. Acrylic on panel. Ah-mazing. They are the work of Polish born, Boston based artist Pawel Przewlocki, and they have officially broken my brain…. so many perfect gradations of color, and oh, so many perfect lines. {insert audible exhale here}

sean molloy

Old meets new… and they fall madly in love! This is the work of Irish artist Sean Molloy … he paints very traditional, formal subject matter below the surface, and then POP! – graphic, colorful patterns right on top of all of it. Ah yes, a beautiful marriage of past and present. LOVE!

{via Saatchi Art}

mark feiler

Flat, quiet backgrounds. Beautifully painted figures… sigh… sketchy perfection! This is the digital work {he also does traditional work} of Brisbane based artist Mark Feiler. I found that final piece {of the girl in the pink dress} through The Kennedy Prize, an art award competition in Australia. They asked me to choose my favorite piece as part of their People’s Choice category, and this was the one that got my vote. Clearly I had to go and check out the rest of Mark’s work… um, can I vote for his entire portfolio? I love it all!

will cotton

Chocolate, cake, cotton candy clouds! Oh, I want to live in the sugary sweet, beautifully painted {PAINTED!} world of New York based artist Will Cotton. I wrote about him four years ago, but clearly it was time to write again. Mmmmm… oil on linen… delicious!

mollie douthit

The earrings, no, the matches… I even love that old bandaid. Ok, there is no possible way for me to choose a favorite. They are all so quiet. So simple. So, so good. This is the work of Mollie Douthit, an American artist who studied {MFA Burren College of Art}, and now lives, in Ireland. I wish I was going to be here in January because she has a show opening at Ashford gallery space at the RHA, Dublin. If you’re in Dublin, please go and then tell me all about it!

ps. So crazy. I wrote this post before I came to Ireland (I’m super organized like that), and last night I was in a little pub in Dublin to meet up with the amazing team from Saatchi Art that are here for Web Summit as well. I was telling them about Mollie and this lovely work, and they said… “Oh, that’s her right there!” What?! Yes. We sat and had a drink together, and it’s safe to say that she’s just as lovely as her work! … what a crazy small world.

lola donoghue

Oh, I am very excited about this! I LOVE Lola Donoghue’s large-scale abstract paintings, and because I’m in Ireland this week I get to meet her! I wish there was time to visit her inspiring, airy, sunlit-filled studio that overlooks the lovely Irish countryside, but a coffee in a cute cafe will have to do… just happy to meet her in person! Do you think I could sneak one of her giant paintings home in my suitcase? Oh, you better believe I’m gonna try!

ps. I have several of Lola’s pieces available as large-scale prints in my online gallery… 36″x36″ and 30″x40″ priced at $200

akiko kobayakawa

If bizarre animal heads and sexy legs don’t say Happy Hallowe’en, well then I just don’t know what does! These weird ‘n sassy watercolors are the work of Tokyo based artist Akiko Kobayakawa. Those intense colors and sultry poses mixed with the innocence of the animals’ faces… yowza. Love! Ok people, grab your horse masks & red high heels … Hallowe’en night awaits!

{via spoon tamago}

ian bodnaryk

Because Wednesday is clearly the perfect day to write about donuts, and ice cream, and pastries… perfectly painted donuts, and ice cream, and pastries! These are acrylic paintings by Canadian artist Ian Bodnaryk and they are oh so decadent in every sense of the word! Stunning.

{Found via Art Interiors}