lisa congdon

Vote. For the love of all that is good, VOTE. This is the work of Portland based artist Lisa Congdon. Lisa does all sorts of things {I’m not actually sure when she sleeps}, but one thing she does particularly well is THIS: she uses her artwork to share her views, spread love, and motivate action. I am Canadian, so while I’d love to vote in the US midterms today, alas, I just have to sit up here biting my nails. Please, please, please exercise your right to make change… the world is counting on you.

sarah bednarek

Your “ChiChi DooDad” is showing. Well actually, American artist Sarah Bednarek’sChiChi DooDad” is showing at Tiger Strikes Asteroid {New York} until November 18, 2018! Here is their description of Sarah’s gorgeous, weird, and beautifully made work:

“For Sarah Bednarek, geometry and math directly reference the body and environment. She describes geometry as a tool to rationalize and calculate the world around us. Math of the everyday is messy. The eye measures distances in approximations, ordinary objects have dents and dings. Her works nod to this sort of fuzziness. They are human scale, roughly the size of the body, head, chest, genitalia and legs. This encourages her viewers to empathize with her sculptures as individuals. As we look, we might see a gaping mouth ready to scream, eat, vomit, or kiss. A figure may reveal itself in the midst of a gesture – maybe a wave or raising a hand in surrender. Are they covered in muscle? Tumors? Jewelry?”

I see singing. Happy Monday.

“white noise”

An audio podcast with a Deaf artist? Yep. Sound waves, gestural strokes and the story of an artist who lost and then found her hearing. Canadian Kelsie Grazier is my guest, and ps. we’re working on getting a transcript created so that other Deaf, and hard of hearing, people can read our conversation. Kelsie’s work is beautiful, quiet, and filled with movement & elegant lines. Her story is as beautiful as her work, and I’m so proud to know her a little bit better after today. You can listen right under Kelsie’s signing hands {part of a new series she’s just started}, or subscribe on iTunes.

First up, let’s set the mood with one of the recent pieces in Kelsie’s “White Noise” series, titled “Trim Your Moustache”:

Ha! Beautiful and pretty funny… lips can’t be read if they’re covered up by a moustache, dude!

Next, three more in this series, along with close-ups of Kelsie’s lovely white lines:

Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t even imagine those lines being black. Thank goodness for all of that tossing and turning that helped Kelsie land on this dreamy a-ha moment.

Next, her “breakthrough” painting that she mentioned, along with the experimental light-box from her Emily Carr days:

Ok, yes… more light-boxes please! She’s onto something there.

Speaking of new experiences, here is a peek at Kelsie’s very first mural in the entrance of The Profile, a co-working space in Vancouver. She took her gestural work and wavy white lines, well, really BIG:

Surrounded by sound waves. Chills.

Ok, now if you’re wondering where Kelsie’s visual inspiration comes from – color palette, strokes, gauziness, etc – look no further than her lovely float-home just outside of Vancouver. Brace yourself, it’s dreamy-overload:

Sigh. So, so gorgeous… and look at those super cute newlyweds! Awwww   {photo by Christine Pienaar} Thank you so much to Kelsie for sharing her story and doing so much not only for the art world, but for the Deaf community; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and thank YOU for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend:

Other links:

  1. TEDTalk by Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim
  2. Ava : an app that will transcribe audio {transcript of this episode coming soon!}
  3. Langara College 
  4. Emily Carr University of Art & Design
  5. Kelsie on Instagram
  6. Poutine recipe… you’re welcome.


elyse dodge & david pirrie

Take a loooong deeeeep breath, because there’s nothin’ like a little fresh mountain air! These paintings are the work of Canadian artists David Pirrie {the dots & floating peaks}, and Elyse Dodge {the triangles}. I have loved both of them for ages, and thankfully Ian Tan – of Ian Tan Gallery – has brilliantly paired them up for this two-person show.“This Mountain Home” opens TOMORROW afternoon from 2-4pm. Grab yourself a coffee, stroll down South Granville, and pop in to see the show {ps.Elyse and David will both be there}. Happy Friday.

crystal wagner

Um, so I don’t know where American artist Crystal Wagner buys her paper, but MY paper does not do this! Crazy, beautiful, intricate, and in some cases, COLORFUL sculptures made of, yes, paper. My brain hurts. In a really, really good way. If you happen to be in San Francisco, you can see Crystal’s work at Hashimoto Contemporary … Join them for the opening night reception this Saturday, November 3rd from 6pm-9pm {ps. Crystal will be there!}. The show runs until November 24, 2018.

angela deane

Have you ever wondered what ghosts do when it’s not Halloween? Well, American artist Angela Deane has allllll of the answers for you… turns out they ride bikes, float in pools, and go on cruises {obviously}. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

ronan bouroullec

What, how!? Markers. Yes. Paris based Ronan Bouroullec knows how to play with color. By day, he and his brother Erwan design everything from furniture to textiles, vases to lighting … but later that day you’ll find these inspiring curves and lines filling this drool-worthy Instagram feed. I don’t know about you, but I have to go see if I have any markers that aren’t dried out.

janet werner

I am a sucker for portraits, and these large-scale beauties are no exception! This is the work of Montreal based painter Janet Werner. If any of these women look strangely familiar, this might be why:

[Janet’s] work focuses on the fictional portrait as a vehicle to explore notions of subjectivity and desire. Her paintings operate within and against the genre of conventional portraiture, taking found images of anonymous figures in popular culture and imbuing them with fictional personalities.

LOVE. Happy Monday.

antonio santin

This is the absolutely awe-inspiring work of Madrid born, New York based painter Antonio Santin. Yes, PAINTER. These ‘rugs’ are in fact oil paintings. Figurative oil paintings… except that the figures are all hidden:

“The rug series evolved from his ongoing interest in the opacity of fabric as a device to obscure the body with abstract patterns and textures. Each of these works brings the background into the foreground while a discernible figure hovers beneath the surface.”

Crazy. Beautiful. Happy Friday.

andrea soos

Oh boy, she’s at it again … and now she’s doing it every single day! Yep, the last time I wrote about Canadian artist Andrea Soos, she was painting on the side while running an art workshop business. Well, a few months ago, she made THE BIG JUMP and has officially become a full-time artist. And she is on FIRE. Dots, arcs, dripping color… Andrea is ridiculously prolific and, from what I can tell via her Instagram feed, most likely covered in paint.

ps. Her work sells fast, but you can find both canvas and paper pieces on her site.