sean molloy

Old meets new… and they fall madly in love! This is the work of Irish artist Sean Molloy … he paints very traditional, formal subject matter below the surface, and then POP! – graphic, colorful patterns right on top of all of it. Ah yes, a beautiful marriage of past and present. LOVE!

{via Saatchi Art}

ping-pong: claire & agata

I love this so much. I have written about both of these artists before… Claire Softley from the UK, and Polish artist Agata Królak. They’ve never met, but their portfolios are strangely similar – I’ve had to do the occasional double-take when I find their work around the interweb… Claire? Agata? Claire! Oops, no, Agata! Well clearly they must have seen the same similarities because now, thanks to the internet, they’ve connected and started this project! They’ve titled the series PING-PONG, as it’s “a game of visual ping-pong, each image created in response to the previous image.” So, Claire makes a piece and sends it to Agata. Agata makes a new work inspired by Claire’s piece and sends it back to Claire… and so on. Um, how fun is that!? Have a look:

And it goes on from there! I so want to do this… I just have to find my online art doppelganger and I’ll be all set!

ps. If there are any galleries reading this, I’m quite sure these ladies would love a space to hang this series {hint hint}

mark feiler

Flat, quiet backgrounds. Beautifully painted figures… sigh… sketchy perfection! This is the digital work {he also does traditional work} of Brisbane based artist Mark Feiler. I found that final piece {of the girl in the pink dress} through The Kennedy Prize, an art award competition in Australia. They asked me to choose my favorite piece as part of their People’s Choice category, and this was the one that got my vote. Clearly I had to go and check out the rest of Mark’s work… um, can I vote for his entire portfolio? I love it all!

jeffrey dell

This is either a series of stunning screenprints, or a party that I really want an invitation to… hm, I think it might be both! This is the gorgeous work of American artist Jeffrey Dell. Oh, I would love to see these bold beauties in person {most of them are at least 34″ x 26″}. Those shadows, those layers, those colors! Yep. I’m going to need an invite ASAP.

ps. Speaking of parties, a little birdie told me that today is Jeffrey’s birthday… I hope he gets the biggest layer cake he’s EVER seen!

will cotton

Chocolate, cake, cotton candy clouds! Oh, I want to live in the sugary sweet, beautifully painted {PAINTED!} world of New York based artist Will Cotton. I wrote about him four years ago, but clearly it was time to write again. Mmmmm… oil on linen… delicious!

yusuke yonezu

Oh, the sweet & whimsical drawings of Japanese artist/children’s illustrator Yusuke Yonezu. The only information I have about these pieces is this… I love them {his site is in Japanese so that’s all I’ve got!}. But hey, when you’ve got bean paste buns and knit vests, who needs more? Happy Monday ♥


Yes. I need to refuel my car here, and only here. “No.27 – A Nod to Ed Ruscha” is a street installation in Limerick City, Ireland. The artist behind this fabulous petrol station is Maser. Here are a few more of his installations. I would so stay in this motel, or climb around on that gorgeous sculpture:

Wait for me, kids!

frances lambe

Oh. My. This is the perforated, pokey, smooth, organic ceramic work of Irish sculptor Frances Lambe. Instead of trying to explain this myself, I’m going to let this paragraph, found on Frances’ site, do all of the work in describing these pieces:

The work springs from visual research into disparate areas of interest including geography, biology, botany and astronomy. She is fascinated by the visual ‘inter-relatedness’ of life on our planet. Life forms that exist underwater mimic those on land. Visual information distilled from a variety of sources is combined in individual pieces. Observed effects of weathering on surfaces influences the form and texture of the work.

Yes. Well said.

mollie douthit

The earrings, no, the matches… I even love that old bandaid. Ok, there is no possible way for me to choose a favorite. They are all so quiet. So simple. So, so good. This is the work of Mollie Douthit, an American artist who studied {MFA Burren College of Art}, and now lives, in Ireland. I wish I was going to be here in January because she has a show opening at Ashford gallery space at the RHA, Dublin. If you’re in Dublin, please go and then tell me all about it!

ps. So crazy. I wrote this post before I came to Ireland (I’m super organized like that), and last night I was in a little pub in Dublin to meet up with the amazing team from Saatchi Art that are here for Web Summit as well. I was telling them about Mollie and this lovely work, and they said… “Oh, that’s her right there!” What?! Yes. We sat and had a drink together, and it’s safe to say that she’s just as lovely as her work! … what a crazy small world.

lola donoghue

Oh, I am very excited about this! I LOVE Lola Donoghue’s large-scale abstract paintings, and because I’m in Ireland this week I get to meet her! I wish there was time to visit her inspiring, airy, sunlit-filled studio that overlooks the lovely Irish countryside, but a coffee in a cute cafe will have to do… just happy to meet her in person! Do you think I could sneak one of her giant paintings home in my suitcase? Oh, you better believe I’m gonna try!

ps. I have several of Lola’s pieces available as large-scale prints in my online gallery… 36″x36″ and 30″x40″ priced at $200