louise meuwissen

WHAT? Oh my word, I have just come across the work of Melbourne based artist Louise Meuwissen and I am now officially madly in love. Beads, sequins, shells, glass … a whole bunch of other stuff! Her objects are intricate, precious treasures but can we talk about the piece suspended from a gallery ceiling? STUN. NING. That piece is showing at Rubicon Gallery {Melbourne} until June 9th. If you go, TAKE PICTURES!

ps. The painting behind Louise’s work is by Ebony Gulliver.

lisa golightly

Sigh… she’s done it again. This is the latest work from Portland based painter Lisa Golightly. Dreamy, sun-filled memories of beachy days gone by. I can smell the lake from here. Lisa has a show opening in Seattle at Lisa Hodges Gallery {316 1st Ave S}… so Seattle, I guess you know what you’re doing this Thursday from 6 – 8pm!

“playing jenga under a fool moon”

Doesn’t this look like one of those “artists in their studio” photos that you’d find in an art history book … well, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly where this photo is headed. Today I’m interviewing TWO talented ‘n successful artists at the same time… two talented ‘n successful artists who also happen to be a married couple. Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson live together, make art together, have a daughter together, teach together, and yes, they even show their work together! In fact, they’ve got a show opening next Thursday, June 7th, at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles (Culver City). I’ve been lucky enough to get to know this hilarious, insightful, talented couple over the past few years, but this episode gave me a chance to ask ALL of my very important questions… like who made the first move!? Listen right up there under that super cute photo of Esther & Mark from 2002, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, a zine. Now if I’d had this ahead of time, I wouldn’t have had to ask Mark about his childhood in Las Vegas:

Ok, now I have more questions.

Speaking of zines, I give you the BUTT BOOK:

Hilarious! This is one of many collaborative creative projects these two do when they get together with all of their amazing friends. Butts as a zine theme … pure gold.

So, I’ve interviewed Esther before – both on the podcast (Ep.28), and also for my new book about women artists. Her “memory” paintings are a beautiful, funny (and sometimes sad-ish) nod to her childhood:

Gah! I love them so much! She doesn’t have any sculpture in this upcoming show, but I couldn’t control myself … I had to put that tornado in.

Next … Mark’s records! Paintings, ceramics, googly eyes, and Lionel Richie:

Seriously … SO FUN!

I got to hang out in their home studio last time I was in LA, and it really is filled to the brim with fantastic stuff. Here’s a tiny peek:

Love! AND, that final piece above is finished and ready to hang in the new show… it’s the FOOL MOON painting Esther was talking about. Yet another serendipitous moment 

Ah yes, and here’s one more moment (brace yourself if you’re afraid of heights):

A post shared by Mark Todd (@mark_todd) on

No. Just NO.

Almost finished, but clearly I have to show you Esther’s bulldog cowboy boots:

… and since Mark doesn’t have boots that are this cool, here he is with a dinosaur. Thanks so much to Mark & Esther for doing this with me! I’m counting down to hanging out with them when I’m in LA this fall! Speaking at Art Center, eating mac ‘n cheese, and hopefully painting a butt on something. Thank you to Saatchi Art and Thrive for supporting this episode, and of course, big thanks to you for listening. The final episode of season two will be up next weekend.

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scott listfield : show opening

Seriously, I don’t think that final image, titled “Tesla” could be more appropriate! American painter Scott Listfield has a new show opening this Saturday, June 2nd at Spoke in San Francisco {816 Sutter St}. The show is titled “ALGORITHM”, and here’s what it’s all about:

The new series continues the saga of Listfield’s central protagonist, a lone astronaut navigating the post-apocalyptic landscape of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. His latest oil paintings are set in a world populated by drones, self-driving vehicles, and robots. The work presents a derelict aftermath, inviting the view to consider a cityscape overrun by technology and devoid of human life. The work is critical of the ways in which we interface with an ever-changing technological landscape. Examining this pivotal moment in time, Listfield ponders:

“Just because we can do something, does that mean we should? What is technology without the human component? And what kind of problems are we solving?”

Excellent questions, Scott … excellent questions.

rebecca adams

These are paintings… absolutely gorgeous, black and white, super tricky paintings! This is the work of Rhode Island based painter Rebecca Adams. Is it just me or does it seem like she must really love a good puzzle!? Of course there’s the dark shadowy settings, but then she throws in geometric laser beams and mirror reflections. Clearly, Rebecca is a woman who loves a challenge.

rozenn le gall

Ooh la la, I love all of these lovely limb-filled pieces! These collages on paper are the work of French artist Rozenn Le Gall. Elegant and bizarre … a perfect combination!

{via Trendland… and Melanie Biehle for pointing me over there}

dylan martinez

GLASS!? Yep. These “Water Bags” are the work of American artist Dylan Martinez. Beautiful and intriguing… in other words, I really want to pick one up to be sure it isn’t squishy. GLASS!? Dylan just sent several of these pieces to Modus Art Gallery in Paris, so keep an eye out for an upcoming exhibition.

katie kimmel

If a bunch of happy bananas and a box of crazy chocolates aren’t able to brighten your Monday, well, you might have to rely on the insane brie. These ceramic sculptures are the work of American artist Katie Kimmel. I’m a huge fan of art / artists with a sense of humor – so these guys obviously had that covered – but then her bio swooped in and sealed the deal:

“Katie Kimmel is an artist working in Hermosa Beach, California. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 where she studied ceramics, video and painting. Katie enjoys writing biographies in the third person.” 

Mic drop.

{Discovered via Hashimoto Contemporary’s Instagram feed}

“from pancakes to painting”

Sure, she used to serve pancakes to unhappy customers, but those days are long gone! Today, Ekaterina Popova is a painter, the founder/editor of Create Magazine, and she’s about to become the host of her own soon-to-launch podcast called Art & Cocktails… yep, it involves drinking with artists. Works for me! The only way I was able to get Kat on my podcast was to agree to be on hers, so we’re interviewing each other today. Since it was only 9am my time, I opted for Baileys in my coffee. Yum! You can listen to all of our dirty laundry right up there under Kat’s dirty laundry, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First, her absolutely beautiful domestic “messes”:

Gasp! Those color palettes, and don’t even get me started on the light in these “everyday” spaces. Speaking of every day… here are just a few of Kat’s daily sketches:

What!? These are just sketches?! FRAME ALL OF THEM and call it a day!!!

Sorry for the outburst. Ok, moving on… to a residency in Iceland:

Sigh, so dreamy. I truly admire Kat for not only her sense of adventure, but the hustle she puts into getting herself to all sorts of fabulous places. Grants, applications, selling work… yep, this woman makes things happen.

Oh yes, and when she’s not painting, or traveling, or both… Kat runs Create Magazine. And it’s FANTASTIC:

Look at her … like a proud mama bear with her baby {if her baby lived in a magazine shop}. I love the calibre of artists she includes in Create, the beautiful design, and I also love how much artists love being included in its pages! Most of the images above are Instagrams taken by the artists featured in the spreads. Yeah, I’d Instagram the hell out of that too! ps. I had to include Ashley Longshore‘s cover … Jesus in Guccis for the win.

And finally – this is the best – little Ekaterina in Russia doing what she was meant to do…

… and a grown-up, about to turn 30 later this year, Kat doing what she is meant to do! Destiny? I believe so. Thanks so much to Kat for doing this double interview with me {and giving me a reason to drink at 9am};  thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and of course, thank you so much for listening. There will be more Art For Your Ear next weekend.

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denise gasser

YESSSSSS! These are just a few of the hilarious, inspiring, and very REAL paintings that Vancouver based painter Denise Gasser did for her self-imposed “100 days” project. She is an artist and a mother of three little boys, which begs the question: WHEN DOES SHE HAVE TIME TO MAKE ART? Well, she kinda doesn’t at the moment… but that hasn’t stopped her. Denise embraced her lack of time and abundance of interruptions by creating this series titled “Art After”. Lovely beginnings, and an absolutely beautiful documentation of her day to day life during these crazy little kid years. Truly brilliant.

ps. These lovely paintings are an example of what Denise does when she can actually finish a whole painting…

Denise’s work is available via her online shop.