martha rich : new show

“I think this installation is going to be one of my weirdest.” ~ Martha Rich

Ha! And that’s just one of the reasons to love her. Yep, Philadelphia based artist Martha Rich has hung whole bunch {220 to be exact} of her hilarious, powerful, random, kinda weird speech bubbles for her latest show. “Nude Neighbor” opens tomorrow night, October 13th from 6-9 pm, at Showboat Gallery in Los Angeles. These hand-cut / hand-painted beauties – from “foxy” and “fly”, to “i can’t watch another mopey white guy movie” – are priced $25 and up! Cash and carry, first come, first serve… ie., get down there at 6pm SHARP! Oh, and one more reason to love Martha … a portion of sales will go to the Downtown Women’s Shelter. Happy Friday.

julia faber

Oil paint and ink drawing on canvas. True story. Sigh. What a stunning combination … and a combination that, I will admit, made me do more than a few double-takes! Also, those icebergs? So, so, beautiful. This is the work of Austrian artist Julia Faber, and this is an excerpt about her work written by Susanne Neuburger, and translated by Lauren Cooke:

“Sustained by the intensity and impeccability of hyperrealistic painting, Julia Faber’s work often takes us into a grotesque and surreal world. However, perfection and discipline, pushing the limits of norms and taboos, are also Faber’s main theme, unless mythology or other historical hints play a vital role. These references are always balanced with the present, as generally a combination of old and new provides a kind of bracket for Faber’s work. This also includes the important element of drawing counteracting her often dense oil painting, as well as an archive of texts and documents which are not only important research material but also integrated into her works.” 

kate hughes

Etching on lingerie … swoooooon. This is the delicate work of Australian artist Kate Hughes. I’m going to pass it over to Kate for the description / explanation:

“My practice is multidisciplinary working with textiles, etching, and photography, often in combination. Seductive and feminine the imagery of delicate landscapes and laces is overlaid on the imperfections of the body, it’s flesh and warmth, creating a new girly wilderness. Attachment to place is an ongoing theme that I have explored in my work through the depiction of landscapes using craft techniques … Exquisitely detailed etched landscapes emphasise naturalistic and historic views of wilderness spaces. The greyscale palette and traditional media give a sense of authenticity and documentary truth that is broken by the very personal form of underwear. I’m interested in how art and craft transform place into home, creating an intimacy of space.”

alejandra atarés

Oooh,  “JARDINES, CACTUS Y FLORES”. Gorgeous! I’ve written about her paintings before {women facing away from the viewer}, but this is the most recent work of Spanish artist Alejandra Atarés. Those tiles, the flowers, and my goodness… those electric color palettes! These are just a few paintings destined for her soon-to-open show at Victor Lope Gallery in Barcelona tomorrow… Wednesday, October 10th at 7pm. Also, a few shots so you can see the scale of these botanical beauties {and a lovely bio shot of Alejandra by Santiago Garcés}:


myriam dion

Newspapers. Yes. I have written about Canadian artist Myriam Dion before, and I’ll do it again! Since it’s Canadian Thanksgiving today, I thought posting about Myriam’s work would be a perfect way to give thanks … I’m thankful that there are amazingly talented artists in the world who are capable of turning today’s horrific headlines into paper lace. I’m also thankful that Myriam agreed to let me tell her inspiring story and share her insanely intricate work in my new book. How could I not, right? Right. Happy Monday, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks. I’m going to eat pumpkin pie now. Bye!

“the recording of art history”

Annie Kevans … I got Annie Kevans on the podcast! I have been smitten with Annie’s dreamy portraits since the first time I saw them way back in 2009. Well, nine years later and here we are {I like to ease into meeting my heroes}. Annie is a British artist who spent her early childhood in France, attended a {super weird} private school in England, lived in Barcelona for awhile, then London again, and NOW she lives in France. Again. Her story is so, so, so good, and I know first-hand because I was lucky enough to write all about it in my new book! We’re going to talk about all of it – from that super weird private school and her passion for women in art history, to Andy Warhol in drag and jumping off cliffs with a kite type of thing on her back. You can listen right up there under that lovely portrait of Lady Gaga (!), or subscribe on iTunes.

First up, Annie’s ‘Boys’ series. Let’s kick things off with Hitler, shall we:

Yep, dictators before they were dictators … dictators when they were sweet, young, rosy-cheeked boys. ps. This was the series that Charles Saatchi bought just as Annie was graduating from art school. THE. WHOLE. SERIES. Yeah.

‘The History of Art’sigh. I cannot explain how much I love this series featuring pioneering female artists:

So powerful, so beautiful. We mentioned Edmonia Lewis a few times and she is in there, of course … her story is so inspiring {she’s also the person Annie named in the not-so-speedy speed round as her choice for a dinner companion. I want to come too!} These unstoppable artists seem like a perfect segue into this next tidbit:

Yep, Annie is in my new book, ‘A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now With Women’ – and she happens to be the first artist in Chapter 1! I had the honor of writing her story and displaying her gorgeous work. I have also sprinkled bits about historical women throughout the book, and in Annie’s section I just had to include Sofonisba’s story.

Alright, from inspiring women to fabulous male artists … who dressed like women from time to time:

These paintings are from Annie’s ‘Drag’ series, and here is part of her artist statement about this work:

In the ‘Drag’ series, Kevans reveals male art stars comfortably posing as women but confident that their achievements will not be forgotten.  Artists such as Francis Bacon, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Robert Mapplethorpe and Cecil Beaton all photographed themselves in drag but the question remains: would these artists continue to be so revered had they been born women?

Hm. Excellent question, Annie. Excellent question.

And finally, Annie holding things together in Europe:

Ha! When you find something like this on your guest’s Instagram feed, well, YOU POST IT. Thank you soooo much to Annie for doing this with me, and for also being part of this big important book that is ridiculously important to me. Thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and thank YOU for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

seonna hong

Sigh. New work by LA based artist Seonna Hong. Seriously, I love everything she does every time she does it! Speaking of which, all of these pieces are part of a new show, titled “Things Will Get Better”… let’s hope so. The show opens TOMORROW NIGHT, October 6 from 6-9pm at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.

“This show is about reckoning. I found myself in the last couple years being overwhelmed by what was happening in the world and it forced me to rethink my place in it as a woman, a person of color, a mother, and as a citizen. I looked for inspiration in people around me, their activism, their work, their humanity and I found hope and community in that.”

So smart, so beautiful.

* BOOK TOUR INFO ALERT *  Seonna and I will both be at Hashimoto on Saturday October 20th! Yep, I’ll be there doing a talk, Q&A, and book signing from 2-4pm AND you can get Seonna to sign it too because her beautiful story/work is featured on pages 30 – 35… YAY! Mark your calendars for A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now With Women in San Francisco!

daniele sigalot

“Everything that could have been but wasn’t, now is” … LOVE! This “paper” sculpture {which is actually aluminum}, is the work of Italian artist Daniele Sigalot. I love the final piece, but it was his brilliant idea behind these bad ideas that got me:

“I wanted to see what happened if I put all the bad ideas I have ever had in my life, in one single room. Would all these crumpled papers turn from bad to good, once they joined forces? Is the repetition of failure, a success?”

Um… a huge success! This piece is currently part of his solo exhibition, titled EMPIRES AGO, at Anna Laudel Gallery in Istanbul until October 26th. Ooh, and one of his other pieces in this show? This insanely beautiful “paper” airplane:


jacob hashimoto

Breath. Taking. I’ve written about New York based artist Jacob Hashimoto before {2014}, but after seeing glimpses of this absolutely stunning installation, titled ‘The Eclipse’, popping up over and over again on Instagram, well, clearly I had to write about him again. If you are in New York, please, please, please go to this … and then tell me all about it!

Governors Island (NY) Announces Immersive Public Exhibition by Artist Jacob Hashimoto. Two breathtaking installations [‘The Eclipse’ – shown here, and ‘Never Comes Tomorrow’] composed of thousands of delicate, hanging rice paper kites, cubes and funnels to be displayed in historic St. Cornelius Chapel and Liggett Hall Archway. ON VIEW: June 2 – October 31, 2018

hayv kahraman

Powerful. That word always come up when I write about the work of Iraqi born, US based artist Hayv Kahraman. I had the honor of writing her whole story in my latest book, A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now with Women … which just so happens to be hitting shelves, worldwide, today! It is big, important, and filled with stories of unstoppable women – both contemporary and historical. Hayv’s bio and paintings are in Chapter 12 : Look To The Past {p.232 – 237}, as her work is directly influenced by her past personal experiences – fleeing Iraq with her family at the tender age of eleven, for example. Hayv is an extraordinary person and insanely talented artist. In fact, she has an absolutely stunning show hanging right now {install shown above} at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in Culver City. Here is a taste of what this show explores:

“Silence is Gold” powerfully reveals the important role played by sexuality and violence in claims to asylum and to humanitarian aid; but it also demonstrates that this works differently for different people. Women fleeing from the global South largely need to sexualize and sell themselves to cross borders, or to sell the very real violence they may have experienced [Note 3]. Trafficking victims must be at once innocent and ravaged; they must leverage their violation even as they must be ashamed of it. These women are required to provide the graphic details of their sexual exploitation, in ways that can end up being both horrifying and titillating for those who serve as legal or political adjudicators. ~Dr. Miriam Ticktin on Havy Kahraman’s exhibition “Silence Is Gold” at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles.

Powerful. “Silence is Gold” will be up until October 27th at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles.

I am so, so, so incredibly proud of this book … if you see it in a shop, snap a photo for me {and you know, buy it too!}