art for your ear : putting a bow on 2019

… AND THE GIVE-AWAY WINNER IS … Julie Liger-Belair!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and for your lovely comments about the site, podcast, etc. You guys are THE BEST and I’m so lucky to have you in my life! xo


Welcome to a little bonus mid-holiday episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR! Listen right up there under the sparkly 2019, or subscribe on iTunes. Here’s a peek at a few of the things I talked about during this mini-sode.

First, in early March of 2019, my 100 year old basement was transformed into a home studio:

Oh, “Broad Maude”. There we are, working together in perfect harmony. Isn’t she lovely?

Next, a look at my latest series. These are the first in what I hope becomes a looooong project filled with some really giant pieces… hm, I’m going to need a LOT more costume jewelry:

Ahhhh, I love them so much. And did you spot Liz in there? She made it in by way of a Canadian penny! FYI, the gold tape on the bottom is where the name plates will go {they’re currently at the engravers}.

And finally ~ drum roll please ~ THE GIVE-AWAY:

A tote and two signed books, all of which celebrate female artists, both past and present! If you’d like a chance to enter, just leave a comment below, and on January 1, 2020 I will draw one name as the winner of the whole bundle. Anyone from anywhere can enter. Thanks so much for listening to ART FOR YOUR EAR again in 2019. I’m so happy it’s back, and I’m so thrilled that my new co-hosts agreed to be co-hosts! All of their links are below. Also, GIGANTIC thanks to THRIVE  for supporting the new version of the podcast. They are my people, and have been ridiculously amazing to me during this past year of ups and downs. Thanks, ladies. xo

And with that, I will say bye-bye to 2019. See you in 2020. ~ Love Danielle

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ps. See, my 2020 list really is underway:

comments (198)

  1. Yvonne /// 12.27.2019 /// 11:20pm

    Would LOVE to win this! Had my eye on the Womanual… I already have the book so I would gift it to a friend <3

  2. DeAndra /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:05am

    The podcast has been a treat to listen to. Would love to win these gifts.

  3. Paola G. /// 12.28.2019 /// 1:20am

    I hope I win but no matter what I LOVE listening to you and your guests. I hope your New Year is good and plentiful.

  4. Claire /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:06am

    Happy Holidays, your new studio looks amazing, the desk is unreal, I’m not not half jealous

  5. Nicolle Cure /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:43am

    Danielle, I was extremely touched and inspired by this episode, I am also awaiting for polyp and fibroid removal so when I listened to this I was like.. woah! I know how painful this is, so I can relate. Good luck to you in your surgery. I am completely in love with your new pieces #tumortreasures is genious. Thank you for always being a bright light in our community and such a powerful artist. Cheers to a healthy, happy and productive 2020. — Nicolle. (P.S. Crossing my fingers so I can win the giveaway!)

  6. Julie Mok /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:05am

    Thank you for taking time out to fit in a mini podcast. Moved me to tears. I’m listening in the UK. I’m a single mum, same age and decided to take a plunge to ‘do the work’ as an artist. Your podcast and those of Thrive (found through you) has been an invaluable resource and inspiration. Keep up the good work (your gran’s jewellery seems v fitting for your latest pieces). I’m starting my blue sky list today.
    Please enter me into your draw so I can complete the collection of your books. Take care x

  7. Deborah Rae Nelson /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:16am

    Thank you for your heartfelt inspirational final episode of the decade. Great ideas for future plans and past reflection.

    Good health to you in your surgery. You are a trooper.

    Please enter me in your giveaway. I will cherish the goodies if selected.

  8. Jackie B /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:01am

    Love your advocacy for all things creative, especially women; for authentic conversations about real life; and the empowered aura you put out in the world! Cheers to 2020!

  9. Dani /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:53am

    This is so inspiring

  10. Alessandra Danovaro /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:54am

    I LOVE your content! Can’t wait to win/purchase/read your books!

  11. Lauren Kincaid-Filbey /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:57am

    I’m such a big fan of the podcast and I’d love to be able to read the books in the new year!!!

  12. Melanie Biehle /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:09am

    I like winning things and I like you. xo

  13. Lorraine Brennan /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:12am

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful artists this year.

  14. Sarah /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:15am

    Your new work is beautiful, moving and important.

  15. Chantal Lesley /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:17am

    Can’t wait to see all the good things that will manifest in 2020!

  16. Cecelia Price /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:21am

    I would love to win that! I can give the Big Important Art Book number one to former art student as I have my own copy and I wish more young aspiring artists knew about the history of female artists. There is a certain amount of empowerment missing from art classrooms in the US.

  17. Samantha Agar /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:22am

    I keep giving your books as gifts because I think everyone should have them! It would be awesome to have some signed ones for the next friend’s birthday or accomplishment to celebrate. And I keep putting off ordering my Art Girl Rising shirt because shipping is so pricey so I’d love a tote to, well, tote things in, until I have a shirt to wear at the same time ‍♀️ Thanks for a powerhouse podcast season Danielle!

  18. Jennifer Kring /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:23am

    So excited for the mini episode! Thanks for taking the time to post it during this season of waiting and rest. I appreciate the many ways you support your tribe of listeners. Blessings on your new works and this new year.

  19. Samira /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:26am

    Best of luck for 2020!

  20. Sarah St. Laurent /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:31am

    Hooray for Holiday Givaways!!! Thanks for all of your hard work Danielle.

  21. Alicia /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:39am

    Perfect giveaway to start a new creative year

  22. Melissa /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:43am

    Happy New Year! I love the new podcast format. It’s been fun observing the journey that your art is taking you on. I love these new pieces.

  23. Fionna Hanna /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:55am

    Thanks for the year round inspiration and honesty about art! Your new work is really great!

  24. Beth Godley /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:57am

    Happy New Year Danielle!
    I appreciate your podcasts. You and your guests have kept me company in the studio and have provided awesome advice. Keep up the good work!

  25. Lo /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:00am

    Happy NEw Year! I would absolutely adore this gift pack!! Thank you for all that you do! Your podcast makes my long walks and studio time all the better! I love the conversation! ❤️

  26. Kate Eggleston /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:03am

    Happy new year!!!

  27. Julie Breton /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:06am

    Thank you for supporting women artists. You are a great inspiration.

  28. Breanna Shermer /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:12am

    I have had a crazy year as well, and the last few months I’ve spent listening to your podcasts and feeling inspired to push my art boundaries. I’m a young mom if soon to be 3, just trying to find my art niche and what goals I want set for myself. I love discussing important points that you bring up in your podcasts with my art tribe because we’re all facing those same points currently in our lives and making the decision to take that big step to further our own art careers.

    Thank you for inspiration, and I look forward to what 2020 brings for us all.

  29. JPCaro /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:17am

    May 2020 bring you unlimited inspiration and joy! Thank you for enriching our lives with art and connecting us all!

  30. Michelle /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:19am

    Have loved following along and all the inspiration you’ve curated!!

  31. aselniczka /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:35am

    I am green of envy about your pieces, cause I’m on a creative block right now and starting to think that maybe that’s gone. (As some other of my passions from past years.)
    On the other hand, I still care, so maybe it’s not gone. And something my friend told me after I complained about it: don’t take being an artist as a burden. So now I have something to think about.
    And I’m sure the books would help *cheesy smile*

  32. Michelle Heslop /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:40am

    Thank you for your thoughtful mini-sode, Danielle! You continue to be such a light in this creative community. Thank you! Wishing you more time with broad Maude in 2020, and a boat load of happiness and health. Xx

  33. Gwen /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:44am

    Always such thoughtful work and words Danielle. Keep creating! Would love to win 🙂 Gwen

  34. Kelley /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:57am

    You inspire. Thanks. Cannot wait to get your children’s book for my grandson.

  35. Vivien /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:04am

    Thank you for this mini episode!!! Here’s to 2020, and doing the work!! I get sooooo much out of these podcasts.

  36. Valerie Arntze /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:49am

    In my studio making art listening to you and the other artists talking about art, challenges, goals and successes. Those are the best studio days…so inspiring! thanks and all the best for 2020.

  37. Julie Liger-Belair /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:53am

    Ooooo, I’ve had my eye on these books for a long time! And also my ears on the podcast (so to speak 😉 for a long time too. Glad that you brought it back and really looking forward to listening to more episodes in 2020 while working away in my studio!

  38. Bredt Handy /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:00am

    I’ve been following you on instagram (loved Where’s Waldo in Venice) but this is the first time I’ve listened to your podcast. I’m hooked! Seems fitting that my 2020 start is your 2019 wrap up. Thank you Wishing you good health and fulfilled goals

  39. Monica Bennett /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:08am

    Thank you for bringing back your podcast and for all that you do to champion women artists. I’m really enjoying the new format and look forward eagerly to each episode. The best is listening while in my studio, a place I will be waaaay more in 2020. (That’s my new year’s resolution and I never make those – lol). Thank you for your generosity with this giveaway!

  40. Kelley Fewer /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:13am

    I already have both books, but I know just who would love them! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and best wishes for the new year!

  41. Sara Willson /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:16am

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while after hearing about it from an art teacher friend & have also recently read Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk, but this is my first visit to your website. Loved seeing the images that accompany the episode! I will have to visit here more often.

  42. Christa Stribrny /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:02pm

    I’m not an artist and have only dabbled in art journaling therapeutically, but love art and learning more about it from you and your guests. Take care and best of luck with your surgery. 🙂

  43. Alana Rice /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:04pm

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! And the good cry. I was bawling by the end of this podcast although that could also be the Christmas chocolate. In all seriousness, you inspire me to follow my dream of being an artist. Thank you.

  44. Ashley Byers /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:05pm

    Thank you for all you do to encourage, inspire and motivate other artists and creatives. Your podcast has made a huge difference for me coming off of a difficult year. Ready to break free of my chains and start creating for fun again!

  45. Kimberly Kennedy /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:27pm

    Your blog and all that you do is amazing and inspires me everyday! Keep doing what you do!

  46. RUTH DEL FRESNO /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:31pm

    I wrote to you several times to talk about interviews and conservation, I understand you are busy and it is complicated. I hope 2019 ends better than it was and 2020 gives all the opportunities we need. in the meantime, I hope all your dreams come true and your solo exhibition is a wonderful success. I will keep listening to your podcast (I started following you since the first episode was released, you have grown so much)!!! happy 2020 for you and your boys.

  47. Tara Benson /// 12.28.2019 /// 12:38pm

    Your art, your podcast…I love it all. You are one of the artists I can always count on for commiseration and inspiration! Thank you.

  48. Devi Tjandra /// 12.28.2019 /// 1:02pm

    I love your podcast, which I just started to listen only a week ago (not a podcast person before), and I’m listening your podcast while writing this. Thank you for everything you’re doing!

  49. Karen /// 12.28.2019 /// 1:05pm

    Your 100 things list is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to do it, too.

  50. Chanel /// 12.28.2019 /// 1:24pm

    Pick me pick me. This is what o need to get me out of my creative slump.

  51. Laura /// 12.28.2019 /// 1:28pm

    I love your podcast. I am looking forward for good things to come in 2020.

  52. Shannon Amey /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:20pm

    Thank you for all the love and creative energy you give to us all. Keep on making!

  53. Rachel /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:26pm

    Jealous. I want that work wall-rail.

  54. Karen MacDonald /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:32pm

    Wow! What a fabulous prize. I’ve been enjoying your podcast and Instagram posts. Your sense of humour reminds me of me! Thanks for all you do!

  55. Jude Hamilton /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:38pm

    Once again you have inspired me, Danielle! Happy Holidays and thank you for being a bright spot with your art and ideas in times that feel really dark to me at times. I know that every Saturday I will be uplifted and transported with amazing art in my inbox and in my ear thanks to you and fellow artists. You are all making my world and the world a better place. Again, thank you and Happy 2020 to you, yours and all.

  56. Shachi Kale /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:51pm

    Hi Danielle! I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for artists, the art world and for my personal world of art that exists in my head and my little studio. You’ve given me hours of companionship, insights, laughs and Cravings for chips . 2019 has been such a rough year for you with the loss of your father. You have dealt with it in such a human way and given us the honor of sharing your grief and maybe a way to handle our own. Wishing you many adventures in 2020. And thank you.

  57. Janice Beaudoin /// 12.28.2019 /// 2:52pm

    Pick me Danielle! I have many of your books but I’d love my own signed copy of the Big Important Art Book!
    Cheers and Happy New Year…
    Janice from North Van 🙂

  58. Joyce /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:23pm

    Wooow… would to win those inspiring books to give my creative life a boost in 2020 ☄ Good luck to you and your work! Joyce

  59. Sarah /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:29pm

    I cannot tell you how excited I was when I got the notification that Art For Your Ear was back! Your podcast, your art, and you, are so inspiring to artists and non-artists everywhere. Thank you for sharing your light with the world.

  60. Taylor Robers /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:29pm

    I would love to win this! I’m graduating from an Art program and I need some inspiration!

  61. Billy-Jean Gravenberch /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:41pm

    I’d love to win those. I have The Creative Block one and the Inner Critic one, would make things complete

  62. Kate Godfrey /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:42pm

    Happy New Decade. So happy to see you back at the mic. You are pretty darn spectacular and that’s sayin’ somethin’.

  63. Amy /// 12.28.2019 /// 3:46pm

    A great giveaway to end the year and start a new one.

  64. Dawnyelle moore /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:08pm

    You Ear Art fuels mine, thank you for having such real people to listen to, people in the field, people who fail, and fly and for sharing your process. I never feel alone when I listen to yiu.

  65. Sarah /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:13pm

    Love your podcast and books! I’m a poet (mostly)but a big believer in “do the work”. You always give me inspiration to keep going.

  66. Rachel /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:16pm

    What an amazing list! A great year of inspiration podcasts and making waves and plans for 2020!

  67. Stephanie /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:18pm

    Your podcast is my new (to me) favorite thing. I just sat down to write my own decade list. Well wishes for your healing!

  68. Suzanne /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:19pm

    NOW, I have a reason to look forward to the new year. Your work is great and I appreciate the links to other talent. Having found this by accident today makes this even sweeter, I was trying to justify keeping my studio. Now I know I must keep it. I hope you know the “Bad at sports” crew in Chicago? I feel like I need to send you something, I better get back to work!

  69. Maria /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:34pm

    So happy to be listening to your words again! Love this podcast. Thank you for being in this space for all of us to hear!

  70. art for your ear : putting a bow on 2019 | Best ArtWork /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:38pm

    […] Original source: […]

  71. Sarah F /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:45pm

    So excited to start listening to this podcast—never heard it before but as a total art geek I can’t wait! Love your work.

  72. Danaca Ackerson /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:45pm

    Thank you for all you do! I love your books and podcasts! Thank you for the inspiration! Wishing you all the best in the New Year and new decade!

  73. Meredith /// 12.28.2019 /// 4:49pm

    At the risk of sounding hyperbolic – your podcast, books and blog have helped change my life! I especially appreciate your vulnerability and sense of humour. I would put your name on my own tote bag collab!

  74. Amber /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:00pm

    Hooray for a home studio! In the new year I’m going to transform an underused space in my apartment into my very own art studio.

  75. Emma /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:10pm

    Beautiful looking studio! Happy New Year 🙂

  76. Alison Stein /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:11pm

    Thank you for all the things you do! Your podcast is such a great studio companion and I love your books, too. (I have the first Very Important Art book and I never win random drawings —but IF I did, I know just who I’d share that with!) I can’t wait to see more of your literally delicious art and to hear more pod in 2020. 🙂

  77. Caitlin /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:12pm

    I absolutely love your books. They are so motivating. I also love to listen the the podcast while in the studio. I feel like I have studio mates to have meaningful conversations with. Thanks for all that you do.

  78. Caitlin T /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:13pm

    I absolutely love your books. They are so motivating. I also love to listen the the podcast while in the studio. I feel like I have studio mates to have meaningful conversations with. Thanks for all that you do.

  79. Ann Marie /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:20pm

    I was so happy when the podcast returned & the new series has been extra special with personal insight and pep talks that resonate strongly. You are my inner artist conscience minus the inner jerk! Looking forward to 2020!

  80. Kayla Story /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:39pm

    Thanks for all you do! Happy New year’s!

  81. Kimi /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:49pm

    Your 100 goals for the decade is a great idea- thank you so much! I have it scheduled to do first thing on 01.01.2020. Congratulations on accomplishing 15 out of the 20 goals you shared! So inspiring and motivating. I am so grateful for the work yo put into the world and the community that you have built. Thank you for creating these spaces and conversations. I wish you good health and a speedy recovery.

  82. Jennifer /// 12.28.2019 /// 5:57pm

    What a wonderful start to 2020! Would love these books!

  83. Meghan Marie /// 12.28.2019 /// 6:08pm

    I love your lists! This was an inspiring episode ❤️

  84. Sarah B /// 12.28.2019 /// 6:11pm

    Thanks so much for continuing on with your podcast! It always grounds me and fills me.

  85. Talin Megherian /// 12.28.2019 /// 6:11pm

    It’s been a long time since I have listened, and I chose a good one to listen to! When I hear your voice, I smile.

  86. Mary Singleton /// 12.28.2019 /// 6:50pm

    Congratulations on your new studio! Space to create is so sacred. Happy New Year!!

  87. Karen /// 12.28.2019 /// 6:55pm

    I’m so glad I found you this year! Through you I have been introduced to so many artists that bring me joy. Thank you!

  88. Hilda /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:10pm

    Blessings for the New Year, Danielle!

  89. Adrienne Kinsella /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:11pm

    I am so inspired by all you do! Your art, creativity, fortitude, perseverance and sincerity are truly a treasure in the art world! Hoping your 2020 is truly amazing!

  90. Christine Anderson /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:12pm

    Yes, PLEASE! I look forward to listening to your podcast every weekend while I draw or paint. Even more awesome to win your books AND the cool bag! THANKS

  91. Claire /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:15pm

    Your podcast is one I always look forward to! Happy New Years!

  92. Maggie Taylor /// 12.28.2019 /// 7:35pm

    Santa forgot to leave this for me. Now I need to get it myself. Want something done right, gotta get a girl to do it. 😉

  93. Tania Janthur /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:23pm

    Inspiring women to be creative is an awesome mission! I’m just happy to be part of the audience, the conversation the creative doers.

  94. Kelly Tillman /// 12.28.2019 /// 8:24pm

    Danielle, Thank you for everything. Your book “your inner critic is a big jerk” changed my life. I’m still working on finishing some work but at least I’ve started working on my art again. I too have art school trauma. Maybe that’s why I became a teacher.
    Your site has become a huge help for my students. We research many of the artists that you post about, Samantha French is a huge hit amongst my middle school students.
    Thank you.

  95. Teresa Wong /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:05pm

    I love your books! What a fun contest! Thanks!

  96. Jane /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:13pm

    I have really enjoyed listening to your show, looking forward to 2020! xx

  97. Alex Schofield /// 12.28.2019 /// 9:27pm

    May 2020 be a wonderful year for all subversive and superversive female artists everywhere!

  98. Terhi Tolvanen /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:30pm

    Love your posts! Wishing you a smashing New Year!

  99. Sarah Lefebure Warriner /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:34pm

    Wishing you all the best in 2020, Danielle, from an Okanagan neighbour!

  100. Shannon M. /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:44pm

    I really enjoy the podcast, and am so glad you brought it back. I hope your 2020 is amazing and joyful.

  101. Hayley /// 12.28.2019 /// 10:44pm

    I loved this episode Danielle ♥️ I can’t wait to sit down and get started on some goals and I had to chuckle at the SNL one…that’s been a dream of mine since Jr. High. Shall we audition together for moral support?! Anyway, loved the return of the podcast and can’t wait to see what is in store for us listeners in 2020!

  102. Zenon Zinonos /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:19pm

    Greetings from the (mostly) sunny island of Cyprus! Big kudos to you for promoting artists from every corner of the world, and especially women… have a great 2020 and keep up the good work!

  103. Raynata Reed /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:42pm

    I’ve always loved your site. It’s an online gallery/museum where I’ve been introduced to new and inspiring artists. Thanks for all that you do, and have an amazing 2020!

  104. Pececito /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:43pm

    Greetings from Spain. And courage for the medical affairs that you have summoned into brilliant artworks. Is it too much meta that I’m jealous of the jealous curator? I need to grow big like you. Thanks for your art, for the curator work, for your amazing books. Please never stop.

  105. KTB /// 12.28.2019 /// 11:58pm

    I’ve been reading your blog *almost* as long as you’ve been making it. Your new work is inspiring. Thank you for reminding us to look for the silver (and bejeweled) linings to the obstacles in our lives.

  106. Michelle /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:36am

    I love your podcast! I am wanting to be more creative this new year and would love to win your books for inspiration!

  107. Jordan A G /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:43am

    Studio of dreams. Thank youuu for constant inspiration ✨

  108. Carolina Vieira /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:54am

    I’ve been reading and listening to The Jealous Curator for a few years now and it has been a constant companion when I’m working. Keep up doing the wonderful things you’re doing, supporting, encouraging and sharing other artists. That a bright 2020 may come. 🙂

  109. Pamela Cupit /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:59am

    Thanks for all you do. All the best for the new year.

  110. Kathleen Quinn-Leslie /// 12.29.2019 /// 1:02am

    Danielle, You have reignited my art spark. I don’t know what I would have done without you, your style of interviewing, your humor, your approachability and down to earthness. Thank you. I’d love more of your loot on my shelf!

  111. Jill /// 12.29.2019 /// 1:14am

    Immediately started writing my 100 list before you’d even got 5 minutes into the podcast. Number 16. Be noticed by Jealous Curator. Number 18. Have work published in a big art book.

  112. Emma /// 12.29.2019 /// 1:35am

    Thank you so much for another year of your wonderful podcast. Tonight I played it on loudspeaker in my kitchen, not really realising that my husband was listening too. When I let out a “whoa” when you said you had done 15 things on your list, he made himself known by saying “you’re really invested aren’t you?”. Yep. Yep I am. Thank you Danielle and best of luck for 2020. I’ll be here hooting along x

  113. Marie /// 12.29.2019 /// 1:58am

    Wahoooooooooo what a treat!!! Happy holidays and have a fun new year lovely way to start off 2020 and with some new work too I have a similar thing in mind. New year = some new projects = excited me x x

  114. Eve /// 12.29.2019 /// 2:13am

    Merry Christmas and thank you for your podcasts! Whenever I am having a bad day with my art listen to your latest podcast and find it suddenly a lot easier to paint, haha. Here’s to more arty fun in 2020!

  115. Elsbeth /// 12.29.2019 /// 2:34am

    Thank you, Danielle, for all the inspiration and loveliness you send out, for sharing your heart break and for being the humoristic woman you are. Regards from my warm & green Caribbean island!

  116. Elle /// 12.29.2019 /// 2:47am

    Thank you for what you do! Would love to win!

  117. Beth /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:47am

    I started listening to this podcast when I was in high school, learning to use art to cope with my own grief, and it was always incredibly inspiring to hear artists’ life stories. Now I’m an art mentor and I talk about AFYE literally whenever I can (almost to the point of annoyance.) Forever love the way you’ve created a community of fun and quirky artists!!

  118. Ellen Nicholson /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:57am

    the new studio space! I like having open space cos ya never know how big you might want to work. I share a master bedroom with my artist husband & 8 yr old artist son. We make the space work well together.

  119. Susan /// 12.29.2019 /// 4:19am

    Danielle, you have opened my eyes and my heart. I’ve been so enjoying your podcast! Borrowed your most recent book from the library and didn’t want to give it back!!

  120. Christina /// 12.29.2019 /// 4:30am

    Love listening to your podcast while I’m at the studio. You are an inspiration for working hard, following your dreams, and being inclusive and supportive while doing it. Cheers to a new year & new decade!

  121. Erin Landry-Fowler /// 12.29.2019 /// 5:03am

    Just wanted to say thank you for all of the amazing work you have done! Your books, website, podcast, and even your own artistic journey have helped to fuel my long-dormant practice.

  122. Dawn /// 12.29.2019 /// 5:15am

    A continued source of inspiration…thank you. xo

  123. Nikki Kennedy /// 12.29.2019 /// 5:23am

    You keep me going! I’m clearing out my studio space and getting a fresh start for the new year. I have my own version of Maude but she’s a Belva. I would love to win your giveaway and have a signed copy of your books and the tote is super fabs. *****eeeppp***** I’m currently teaching oil painting but I am submitting apps to teach art history also because I want to teach 1:1 women to man. The first thing I did whenever I got a new art history book was search the index for women artist. It was always a short list and I thought it was accurate. I was taught that Artemisia only had a chance because of her father and Okeeffe painted feminine flowers. I should have known all of the names.

  124. Amy Tingle /// 12.29.2019 /// 5:51am

    Happy New Year to you, Greg, and Charlie, Danielle! May 2020 be HEALTHY (less stressful and fibroid free I hope), joy-filled, and wildly creative.
    xoxox, Amy
    (I’m off to start making my list . . . )

  125. Beth Vallieres /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:03am

    Love your latest work! Your podcast is a huge inspiration and is my art-lifeline in rural Montana. Hearing your story gives me hope to one day make it as an artist myself.

  126. Sharon Leah /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:13am

    I believe the things I need to see and hear come into my life at the right time. I found your podcast this morning. LOVED listening to your list of things you wanted to do and have accomplished to date. I’m making my list!

  127. deborah weiss /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:16am

    Love the new work!

  128. Shelly /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:26am

    I have been on the receiving end of your hard and courageous work nearly every day since I found your blog in 2011. It’s hard to convey the impact of your steady voice and hearing your podcast. I was baffled for so long by the mechanics of trying to make art while being a wife and then also a mom – and having another job I care deeply about. Hearing the wide range of ways women in particular put all the pieces together has created such freedom. I’ve zeroed in on what I truly love to make, found a space to do it, protected time for it, and have finally dug out from under the pressure of needing to make something “really important”. I’m making art for the joy of it, for the ways it sharpens and strengthens my mind, for the ways it feeds my very soul. And as a bonus, those around me are starting to really notice. Thank you!

  129. Emma-Leone Palmer /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:43am

    Always enjoy your pod casts. Super new studio too, new space new, new energy, new work.

  130. Holly Stuczynski /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:47am

    I met you at a lecture at csun, purchased a book 4 me, and as a gift 4 a friend. I really enjoyed your sense if humor. Your dedication inspires me. I enjoy your posts, and a HUGE congratulations on your studio. It is beautiful and conducive to work. Wishing you the best, holly

  131. kimberly ann /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:47am


    i love your new work so much! i can’t wait to see more. thank you for this bonus episode of the podcast as well, i’ll be listening on my commute tomorrow and it will make my last workday of the decade much more bearable!

    i am so excited for 2020 and all of the creative energy everyone is ready to bring into it. ✨

  132. Holly Stuczynski /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:48am

    I saw you doing a lecture at csun. I appreciate your sense of humor. Your dedication is inspiring. Congratulations on your studio. It is beautiful, and conducive to work. Wishing you the best, holly

  133. Julie /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:50am

    Loving these encrusted jeweled pieces and wishing you all the best for a new year and decade!!! Julie x

  134. Tania Denyer /// 12.29.2019 /// 6:56am

    it was lovely to meet you at your show in Toronto… thanks for humouring me by autographing my sketchbook… all my heroes are artists!

  135. Shirley Fehr /// 12.29.2019 /// 7:20am

    Thanks for the great podcast. All the best in 2020.

  136. Brooke Elliott /// 12.29.2019 /// 7:56am

    So grateful for you & sharing great art & inspiration! Love your list idea, going to adopt that going into 2020. Happy New Year!

  137. Patricia Reeves /// 12.29.2019 /// 8:36am

    So glad you are back. Thank you for all you do. Here’s to a better, inspirational new year!

  138. Frida Åström /// 12.29.2019 /// 8:38am

    Oh I would love to start the year with a fab tote full of books and inspiration going into my MFA graduation

    Hope your 2020 will be amazing

  139. Shandra Smith /// 12.29.2019 /// 8:39am

    Thank you for all that you do for all of us creatives. Also, a new tattoo in 2020 sounds fun! all the best in the new year 🙂

  140. Katie /// 12.29.2019 /// 8:45am

    I’m just in the midst of a garage to studio renovation. Your space is lovely!!! Love hearing your voice! Thanks for all you do.

  141. Judy Byer /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:06am

    I totally enjoyed listening to your latest podcast and it was just the shot of inspiration I needed to get myself focused for next year, Danielle. Thank you so much! Wishing you wonderful adventures and art journeys for 2020.

  142. dorit Elisha /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:13am

    thank you for the non stop inspiration!

  143. Lisa Burroughs /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:16am

    Thanks for being your true self and inspiring others. ❤️

  144. Jessica G /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:19am

    So good!

  145. Shanteb /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:31am

    Love the podcast!

  146. gretchen warsen /// 12.29.2019 /// 10:20am

    I’m really sorry this past year has been a rough one. I’m sending you healing blessings–both for your heart and your body–and here’s to 2020 being the start of some good things for you and all the artists out there!

  147. Lily Mott /// 12.29.2019 /// 10:43am

    Thank you for posting the way for female artists by creating a platform of prolific but down to earth artists and profs. Heres to moving into 2020

  148. Meg Erke /// 12.29.2019 /// 11:05am

    So glad you are back! I’ve missed your company in my basement studio (I’ve got to admit I’m a little jealous of Broad Maude). Thank you for all that you share (the good, the bad, the real)… it all helps this artist mama feel a little less alone.

  149. Carla /// 12.29.2019 /// 11:25am

    Thank you so much for the great podcasts and posts you continue to prepare for us. I greatly enjoy them!
    Wishing you all the best in 2020 such as good health and lots of energy to do what you like most!
    Please pick me for the awesome price 😉

  150. Courtney A /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:36pm

    I am hooked on your podcasts! It’s really inspiring to hear your openness about your story because it’s so similar to mine. I’m an artist, teacher and mom and am finally going to start pushing forward in my art. Thank you! Would love to win your books and tote!

  151. Margaret McCartney /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:42pm

    So glad the podcast is back! It is always an inspiration. Happy New Year!!

  152. Alex /// 12.29.2019 /// 12:54pm

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  154. wendyfmazzaart /// 12.29.2019 /// 2:29pm

    So glad the podcast is back. One of my favorite things! Can’t wait To see what you get as a tattoo. Lady Di?

  155. Nanna /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:07pm

    Thank you so much Danielle for being brave funny
    So exited for the next decade.
    Tak – from Denmark

  156. Susan Jacoby /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:11pm

    LOVE your podcast!!! You’ve inspired me to get started on my 2020 list!

  157. Lauren Devon /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:16pm

    Hi Danielle – I’m so happy I found you! Thank you for creating such a wonderful community and inspiring us all! I can relate to so many things that you talk about, and I really appreciate your openness, humor, enthusiasm, and creativity that you share! Now it’s time to start my 2020 list 🙂
    Much love and happy new decade!! xo

  158. Teija /// 12.29.2019 /// 3:42pm

    Thank you for all that you put out into the world! Cheers to 2020!

  159. Monique /// 12.29.2019 /// 4:08pm

    I really appreciate what you do. Looking forward to TJC 2020 🙂 Thank you and all the best with that baby orangutan!

  160. Anny Alexander /// 12.29.2019 /// 4:39pm

    Kudos to U for building your studio. And for sharing pics of the progress. U are such an inspiration to us. I hope U have a Wonderful Fun Year!!
    PS: can’t wait to see The Tattoo!!

  161. Shayla Perreault /// 12.29.2019 /// 5:38pm

    Hi Danielle,
    The reflection over the past 10 years gave me some great perspective and inspired gratitude-specifically thinking about all the people I’ve met after moving to Vancouver. Life changing! All the best with your wish list and new book. FAB title!!

  162. Pamela Cervisi /// 12.29.2019 /// 7:52pm

    Love your voice and your eye for art!
    Thank you for the inspiration to this business woman looking for her creative voice. The search is on and you are helping me find it. Thank you.

  163. Ceres /// 12.29.2019 /// 8:41pm

    Ever since stumbling upon ur podcast through an artist friend, it has changed everything I feel about what I do. The hardest part was to believe in myself and to tell myself that it’s okay, but hearing your interviews, chats and sharing sessions really turned the tables over. I admire your honesty and really appreciate everything you shared with the audience. My father left us when I was still finding my way around in life, it was a huge change that I did not know how to deal with, we were really close. I did not cry until months after the funeral when I had to leave my family and go back to school, I finally broke down during a flight thousands of miles away from home. I missed him dearly, it will never be the same again, but he left me a lifelong gift that I will forever cherish. He believed in me when no one else does. It took many years to get back on track and get to where I am right now, when I finally start working on what I love to do and found accomplishments in it. Your podcast gave me the boost and helped me find my way again once more. I am so sorry that I was not aware of what happened last year, I hope I am not too late to send you a gazillion hugs from afar. And.. thank you, just thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, Danielle. The change you have experienced from Jealous Curator, have brought to me and many others is just as much, if not more.

  164. Lisa Eddington /// 12.29.2019 /// 9:44pm

    I love your podcast!

  165. Katharine Brainard /// 12.30.2019 /// 12:10am

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    Love the podcast and love how you have created a positive flip to the script on the health issues! Well done!

  168. Andrea J Park /// 12.30.2019 /// 7:53am

    Putting a bw on you, for all that you do for the artful soul and towards the future of manifestation thru your inspirational blog/podcast, muses and sharing your process/work/insights. Happy New Year ~ to new break throughs

  169. Greg Blair /// 12.30.2019 /// 8:50am

    Thank you for all that you do and for making 2019 awesome!

  170. Karrieanne Warren /// 12.30.2019 /// 9:27am

    You have been a great inspiration to get back into the studio and start making. This year has been filled with so much loss and pain, but rediscovering my creative passion has helped me through it. Let’s hope 2020 repairs the damage 2019 inflicted.

  171. Rosalinda Sanchez /// 12.30.2019 /// 9:33am

    A draw for your books and a tote? Consider me entered!

    Thank you, Danielle…for the inspiration, the laughs, the doses of reality, the not-needed encouragement to eat chips…onward to 2020.

  172. Amanda /// 12.30.2019 /// 9:34am

    Thank you for bringing awareness to so many diverse artists! Excited to see where your work leads. Happy New Year!

  173. Roseanne /// 12.30.2019 /// 10:43am

    I look forward to your podcast each and every week! Thank you for great content, a healthy dose of “realness” and for this opportunity to win. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020.

  174. Garnet /// 12.30.2019 /// 11:14am

    Loving the new format this year! Your podcast has carried me through many hours of running and is always so funny, interesting and inspiring to listen to. Looking forward to listening in 2020!

  175. Sally Chupick /// 12.30.2019 /// 11:54am

    Hi Danielle,
    Thank you for your wonderful podcasts. I think you are brave and ballsy making your fibroid art. Happy 2020! Xo

  176. Jenny /// 12.30.2019 /// 12:22pm

    Love you Danielle! Always inspiring! May you have a wonderful artful year!

  177. M.E. Ster-Molnar /// 12.30.2019 /// 1:32pm

    I love what you do! I find that my art is starting to take off, but I still need help in not stopping myself. Is is the internet or Instagram that makes me feel that I have to put myself into a one dimensional, easy to digest package? I don’t know. And then I check out your website and I’m like – I can do this. I can be an artist and a writer and a fashion designer and teach classes. My audience is smart and deserves to hear what I have to say. So thank you. And I’m loving the 3D art with vintage jewelry collages you are doing. Back in the day I used broken vintage jewelry to decorate frames and barrettes and earrings. I’m ready for maximalism again! I can tell you’re having fun with it. XO

  178. Claira Heitzenrater /// 12.30.2019 /// 1:49pm


    Thank you for being such a huge inspiration for the bulk of my professional career! You’ve opened my eyes to SO MANY artists, provided me with resources, and showed me that strength presents herself in ways we could never imagine. You’re a rock star! I’m rooting for that SNL audition!

    All the love in the world-

    Claira ✨

  179. Kweei Seifried /// 12.30.2019 /// 7:20pm

    Thank you for your podcasts Danielle. They give me such a lift and insights all the time.

  180. Kay /// 12.30.2019 /// 8:45pm

    Happy New Year! Best wishes for the new year and decade. Thank you for all the inspiration and the laughs 🙂

  181. Carie Oltmann /// 12.31.2019 /// 2:53am

    Inspite of all you go through you are doing such a great job in building this community. I’m a graphic designer and never thought of myself as an artist but in part because of you I have changed the chip to “What the heck, I can do this, too”…. Thank you so much! And btw, your new series is great! Lots of love from Spain and a happy new year to everyone.

  182. Wanda Dziwura /// 12.31.2019 /// 8:22am

    Happy New Year! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery. I love your new work. Thank you for the podcasts, books, and posts. I have learned so much. Love, peace, happiness and hilarity to you and your family. Looking forward to a great 2020 with this community.

  183. Karin Lynn Cumming /// 12.31.2019 /// 8:28am

    Oh you are a funny lady…..I discovered you approx 12 months ago and you travel with me on my walks. I am working through your podcasts and learning from and finding Artists I would never have discovered on my own. Thank you so much for this entertaining podcast. Would I love to win this giveaway? YES! So if you could through my name in the hat I would appreciate it. Here’s to DISCOVERY. Much happiness and health in 2020. Cheers, Karin Lynn

  184. Alexander Jones /// 12.31.2019 /// 8:53am

    Loved the podcast as always and shall be writing my list of things I want to happen now

  185. Terry Graziano /// 12.31.2019 /// 10:03am

    I loved this episode so much, but let’s be honest, I love all of them!! It was so inspiring to hear you go through your list of the things that you wanted for yourself, and I teared up that so many had come true. You made them happen, and SNL is not far off now. I am going to make my very own list today, so thank you for the idea, and for all that you do. I too have suffered with many a fibroid & abdominal surgery and I love that you’ve used the situation for creative fodder – way to make some delicious lemonade! Happy New Year!!

  186. Rose /// 12.31.2019 /// 10:36am

    Your end of the year podcast was amazing. It has me thinking about where I was 10 years ago, how much I have been inspired by you and the artists you interview, and how far I have come both personally and artistically. I am sure I am not alone, but it feels like you are a close friend! You have held my hand as I dipped my jealous little toes back in to the water, fought off the inner Critic shark monster, and started getting things done. Thank you Danielle for sharing your stories (damn even the fibroid nonsense is stuff I have dealt with!) and for helping me to see that I am not alone in the world!!! Happiest of 2020s!!! PS If you are ever in the Burlington Vermont area I’d love to show you around

  187. Eileen Cressman-Reeder /// 12.31.2019 /// 10:43am

    Your podcasts provide inspiration and perspective. I listen to them while I’m creating. You and your guests do make me stop and think. I love you Instagram posts as well. Thank you for your art and voice.

  188. Isabel /// 12.31.2019 /// 1:09pm

    I really love your podcast. I “meet” you at Creativebug last year. I really enjoyed the “get unstuck” classes. I hope I the lucky winners this giveaway!!! Have an inspiring 2020!! Love from Lisbon!!

  189. Kelly hoffman /// 12.31.2019 /// 1:56pm

    Great job with the podcast and guest co-hosts format! Thank you for inspiring me! Best wishes for the New Year!

  190. Cynthia L Morris /// 12.31.2019 /// 2:07pm

    Happy new year! This work is gorgeous and your studio looks perfect for you. Here’s to a spectacular 2020!

  191. Luba Zygarewicz /// 12.31.2019 /// 7:41pm

    Dearest Danielle,
    Thank you for sharing from your heart and for always keeping it real. I was so touched by all you shared and the power of putting goals/ideas on paper. The funny thing is that, without knowing what the episode was about, right before listening to the podcast, I had a very strong urge to write down a BIG goal that I want to accomplish the next couple of years. Just putting it down on paper began to shed light on decisions for smaller things that were lurking in the background. It has become the lense through which I am making other goals, and practicing “no” to the things that do not further my BIG GOAL.
    I am so sorry about your health issues, and I wish you the very best. I am here for you ANYTIME!!! I battled with those for several years, and had a total of 8 abdominal surgeries between C-sections and taking bits of my womanhood a piece at a time. It is a beautiful thing how it is inspiring your new work…it will be a source of comfort and healing.
    I created a body of work over a few years when I was going through some rough stuff and several cyst and fibroids… which led to a couple of surgeries. It was a dark time, but became lighter in the process. I will share it with you on insta.

    please put my name in the hat/bag and I HOPE to WIN!
    Sending lots of pink/perfect pink love your way!

  192. the jealous curator /// 12.31.2019 /// 9:18pm

    lots of love to you luba! you are a ray of sunshine xo

  193. Virginia /// 01.01.2020 /// 5:24am

    Ho ho ! How sweet ! I participate with so much hope ! haha
    Thanks so much dear Danielle ! And thanks for you art and wonderful podcasts and beyond everything, your spontaneity ! All the best for 2020 !

  194. Emily elliott /// 01.01.2020 /// 12:59pm

    This was so lovely! Your new work looks GORGEOUS!

  195. Katie Spain /// 01.01.2020 /// 2:28pm

    Hope it’s not too late to enter! Thank you for being such an inspiration and light in the art world. You’re making an impact. Keep going.


  196. marc /// 01.02.2020 /// 5:54am

    just listened to your last one of 2019. i get emotional every time you talk about your dad. thanks for all the hard work you put into making them.

  197. Robin Roberts /// 01.05.2020 /// 11:08am

    (just a comment, not about the give-away) I agree to a new and hopeful 2020. I lost my mom last year and it has been a difficult one at best. I am so glad that your family and your art practice have been able to sustain you! I truly enjoy your talks and all of your books. Putting in a few more house of ‘work’ so that I can head over to my art studio and re-organize. Here’s to a positive and joyful new year!

  198. Jennifer Dutcher /// 01.13.2020 /// 7:11am

    This podcast is so insightful and fun! I enjoy there is always an element of surprise. I have learned so much already and look forward to the conversations which present more learning opportunities to come!

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