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Yep, Ashley Longshore is back and she’s ready to fire us up and get this decade started RIGHT!  You know the drill… here’s a peek at the stuff Ashley and I talked about. You can listen right up there under that very festive shot, or subscribe here.

First up, a few of Ashley’s usual muses… one of which could be YOU! What!? Yep:

Um… DO IT!  Email your authentic, colorful and enthusiastic selfies to hollywood@ashleylongshore.com and then cross your fingers. Tight.

Speaking of muses:

This is Ashley with one of her fashion heroes, Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi. His colorful, layered frills could not be more perfect for Ashley. The photo above was just a fun try-on session, but look what she took home for her own closet:

Bahahahaha! HELL YES! Oh, there’s so much to say. 1. The rainbow Tomo is perfection. 2. Yes, Tommy and Dee Hilfiger hosted a show for Ashley’s work during Art Miami at their home (!?) 3. I had to include those two photos of Ashley and her hilarious and talented friend, interior designer Andrew Alford (Note: I need to be friends with him.) 4. The “I’m just gonna do one last pee before the party” shot from Ashley’s Instagram feed during Art Miami. Pure f’n GOLD … just like her shoes.

Oh man, how do you go on after that? Easy, by showing a few pieces Ashley has recently acquired for her own collection:

Yes. All of of it. YES. There are links for all of these artists at the bottom of the post.

And finally, her amazing team. Not only does she work with them every day, sometimes she paints them too:

Ahhhhh! She was talking about Kate Grace … that’s her nursing her baby girl, Coco, dressed as – of course – a masked luchador. And I couldn’t NOT include a shot of Ashley and her Dad. If you see him pop up in her Instagram stories, WATCH.

At the very end of the episode, I asked her, WWALB {What Would Ashley Longshore Buy} – truffle fries or chocolate cake? I liked the very smart reason for her choice. Also, it gave me an excuse to show her sheet cake sculpture one more time:

Thanks to Ashley for being my first co-host of 2020, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more ART FOR  YOUR EAR next weekend.

Other links:

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  3. Andrew Alford, Interior Designer
  4. Little girl dressed like Ashley! 
  5. BLOOPERS! Will Ferrell / The Office / Carol Burnett / WestWorld

Links to artists:

  1. Elizabeth Barden
  2. Nora Martin-Hall
  3. Ann Carrington ps. she’s in both of my women books!
  4. Tali Lennox
  5. CB Hoyo


vanderlei lopes

Wow. Liquid gold pouring out of the wall, and seeping up from the vents… or maybe it’s draining into the floor? Either way, I could not love the work of Brazilian artist Vanderlei Lopes more. Happy Friday.

michael harnish

Gasp! Did you notice that transition half way through the post… from gorgeous collage to gorgeous large-scale painting of gorgeous collage?! Oh my word I love them so much. This is the work of LA based artist Michael Harnish and, yes, I’m officially smitten.

{Thanks to painter Zoe Pawlak for pointing me to Michael’s work.}

elisa valenti

Ah, gorgeous! These are the beautiful and empowering paintings of New York based artist Elisa Valenti, and as far as I’m concerned, the perfect way to kick off 2020. I love her work, and I super duper love the reason behind it:

“I grew up in a time when eating in public was shameful, stomach rolls made you unworthy, and shopping for clothes was traumatic. I grew up before being plus size was normal. My work reflects the images I wish I had seen—beautiful, luscious women doing ordinary things, just like everybody else. They are a reflection of my own battle with body image and my journey to mental health. If you’ve ever been made to feel insignificant, I hope they inspire you to own your image of yourself and never give that power to someone else.” 

Hell, YES! Now that is how you start a new decade. Thank you, Elisa.

{Found via Create Magazine}

maarten baas


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In July 2019, I was in Italy for the Venice Biennale. One of my favorite shows happening in the city was “Dysfunctional” at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro. When I walked into this room {last three images above & the video}, I have to admit, the guy moving around inside the clock freaked me out. But then I sat down. I watched this “clock” for a very long time. How could I not? Minute by minute the hands changed, just in the nick of time, thanks to this man inside the clock. Right? Or was it a film? Probably. But wait, there was even a tiny door on the back… I knocked, but nobody answered. Hm. The video above is just one of a series of mesmerizing “Real Time” films by Dutch designer and artist Maarten Baas. Imagine if this is how we counted down to the new year… dreamy. See you in 2020.

vanessa stockard

KEVIN! Oh my word, YES, this is how I want to finish 2019… with Kevin the Kitten. These hilarious {and beautifully painted!} pieces are the work of Australian artist Vanessa Stockard. If you want to smile every day, go follow her on Instagram… Kevin will be there waiting for you. You’re welcome.

art for your ear : putting a bow on 2019

… AND THE GIVE-AWAY WINNER IS … Julie Liger-Belair!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and for your lovely comments about the site, podcast, etc. You guys are THE BEST and I’m so lucky to have you in my life! xo


Welcome to a little bonus mid-holiday episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR! Listen right up there under the sparkly 2019, or subscribe on iTunes. Here’s a peek at a few of the things I talked about during this mini-sode.

First, in early March of 2019, my 100 year old basement was transformed into a home studio:

Oh, “Broad Maude”. There we are, working together in perfect harmony. Isn’t she lovely?

Next, a look at my latest series. These are the first in what I hope becomes a looooong project filled with some really giant pieces… hm, I’m going to need a LOT more costume jewelry:

Ahhhh, I love them so much. And did you spot Liz in there? She made it in by way of a Canadian penny! FYI, the gold tape on the bottom is where the name plates will go {they’re currently at the engravers}.

And finally ~ drum roll please ~ THE GIVE-AWAY:

A tote and two signed books, all of which celebrate female artists, both past and present! If you’d like a chance to enter, just leave a comment below, and on January 1, 2020 I will draw one name as the winner of the whole bundle. Anyone from anywhere can enter. Thanks so much for listening to ART FOR YOUR EAR again in 2019. I’m so happy it’s back, and I’m so thrilled that my new co-hosts agreed to be co-hosts! All of their links are below. Also, GIGANTIC thanks to THRIVE  for supporting the new version of the podcast. They are my people, and have been ridiculously amazing to me during this past year of ups and downs. Thanks, ladies. xo

And with that, I will say bye-bye to 2019. See you in 2020. ~ Love Danielle

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ps. See, my 2020 list really is underway:

nick doyle

Denim on plywood. Ummmm, what? These large-scale sculptures – MADE OF DENIM ON PLYWOOD – are the work of Brooklyn based artist Nick Doyle. I get it, it’s hard to understand, that’s why I included the closeups. If you still don’t believe me, you can follow Nick on Instagram for behind-the-scenes proof.

ps. Nick has a new show opening on January 10, 2020 at REYES | FINN in Detroit. Here’s a little peek into what he’s working on for this show:


casey roberts

Sigh. Inside on a cozy quiet day, drawing birds while drinking coffee. Works for me. These are just a few of the newest large-scale cyanotypes by Indianapolis based artist Casey Roberts … and, yes, I am totally using them as inspiration for the rest of the holidays. Coffee – check. Art supplies – check. Cat – well no, but I do have a wiener dog lying on a nearby rug, in front of the fire, right this very minute. Merry merry to you and yours.

liza lou

Whoa. I just wrote about American artist Liza Lou a few months ago, but then this! Her installation, titled Kitchen (1991- 1996), is now on display at The Whitney in New York. Beads. So, so, so many tiny glass beads… more than 30 million if you happen to be counting!? No wonder this project took her from 1991 until 1996. I’m going to New York in March and, yes, this will be my first stop {did you see the chips!? LOVE}. Kitchen is part of an exhibit titled, Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950–2019, which runs until January 2021. GO!

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